6 reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life

The idea of traveling alone can sometimes seem sad or even pathetic: the world has made us believe that everything is better when it is shared with others and that single people are not happy. But that could be quite far from reality.

Traveling is not a necessity, but it is one of those activities that can change our lives and moods, it is a good way to open our minds, to work on ourselves, to regain energy, motivation and even to have more creativity, and nothing says that we must always do it as a couple, with family or friends.

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Going on vacation alone isn’t a less rewarding experience, it’s certainly not boring and that doesn’t mean you don’t have friends, it just means you need some time for yourself and needs a little adventure, and you’re not here waiting for someone else to want to join your plan (and therefore have to share decision-making with others).

Being alone is not a negative thing and not daring to spend time with yourself can become that obstacle that does nothing for your confidence, safety, or self-discovery. In addition, traveling alone will always be more accessible.

Why travel alone

You can be “selfish”

When you’re alone, you decide what you do with your time: how much time you spend on an activity or when you want to eat. In terms of travel, this means you can decide if you’re spending hours at your favorite museum, if you’re chewing slowly to enjoy more of the food you ordered at the restaurant you’d be dying to visit, and you’re not going to feel pressured or rushed because someone wants to do something different afterward.

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You can meet interesting people

Many people travel alone and, not having a group as reinforcement, leads them to open up a little more, look for people who have a similar experience, and find different people who can even become friends. Or at least recommend some things you may not have thought of. It’s easier for someone to approach you when you’re alone, although you should always be careful.

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You know each other better

When you explore a place alone, you can discover new things about yourself: what you like, what you don’t like, if you prefer to get up sooner or later, or even what you think about certain things and places, you may even discover that you are more sociable than you thought.

Traveling alone also improves your self-confidence because you have no one else to protect you and everything forces you to get out of your comfort zone and make your own decisions. There are even studies that say it increases the happiness and satisfaction you feel because you have different experiences and generate memories that are just your own.

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You explore at your own pace

No one will rush you to go from one place to another, you can walk at the speed you want, take more time to go somewhere, and decide how many days you are going to spend in each place you visit. The problem with groups is that you have to find a happy medium between everyone, it doesn’t happen when you travel alone.

You spend less

Paying for a single ticket, a smaller room, and a single dish in a restaurant is much cheaper than having to pay 2 or more, or sharing the bill with others who might be spending more than you. Plus, you choose what to spend your money on, so it’s much easier to create a budget and stick to it throughout the trip. You can even stay in a small hotel without anyone complaining or trying to convince you that you need something more luxurious.

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You improve your communication skills

Being alone requires talking with others, learning a little more the language of the place where you are going to go (even if it is to ask where the toilet is or how you arrive at your hotel), and it helps to develop better communication skills with others. And going the extra mile can even lead you to meet more people.

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