6 trendy autumn things that can be worn to the office

During the period of active autumn shopping, do not forget about office everyday life. Refresh the working wardrobe with fashionable novelties together.

Surely you have thought about how to compare the basic wardrobe with the office dress code so that things are as suitable as possible for both everyday affairs and for working days. This is not as difficult as it may seem, given that most companies now lack strict rules and norms of appearance. More and more employees are switching to casual and even sporty styles, so it will not be difficult to use things from the basic wardrobe in office bows.

We understand what is worth buying for the fall for girls who spend a significant part of their lives in the office, but want to look stylish, and not as a gray mouse.

Stylish trench coat

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In the autumn wardrobe of a businesswoman must be a trench coat. Combined with a skirt and low-heeled shoes, the cloak will make you elegant and sexy. In addition to the fact that the trench coat gives the image of severity, it is a saving thing in dank weather, as it is usually sewn from a water-repellent fabric.

Feel free to combine a trench coat in the images of different style directions, because it looks great with jeans, and leather or sports pants.

Actual loafers

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In addition to the classic shoes-boats, we offer to get in the autumn-winter season also actual shoes in the men’s style – loafers (shoes with a stable thick heel) or oxfords (a more elegant option with stitching on the toe, invented by the British). Such comfortable shoes are suitable for early autumn when it is still too early to put on shoes, and it is already too hot in boots.

Loafers will be perfectly combined with the suit, including cropped trousers. Oxfords can be worn with both a suit and a skirt. The elegance of this image will be highlighted by a classic white shirt, unbuttoned into two top buttons, or a blouse made of light fabric.

Silk scarf

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The scarf is an important detail of the wardrobe of the autumn season. It will not only refresh the image but also protect you from the light wind. Scarves are good for office style because they help to place color accents when the overall tone of your suit is neutral.

Tie the handkerchief with an elegant bow around the neck, wrist, or bag. If you have become the happy owner of a large-sized carriage, then cover your head with it – in combination with black butterfly glasses and a stylish trench coat, it will make you look like an elegant film actress from the 60s – Audrey Hepburn or Catherine Deneuve. And if a party is planned for the evening after work, then you can make a turban that is relevant this season from a silk scarf or tie it around your head like a bandage.

Blouses and shirts of pastel colors

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A white shirt is a basic thing of an office wardrobe that can be used for everyday looks. Make sure it looks neat and is perfectly ironed. If you want to make the image not so strict, then use the advice of designers who offer to tuck a white shirt into trousers or a skirt, as well as slightly roll up the sleeves. To feel comfortable during the day, choose a shirt made of natural fabrics – thin linen or dense cotton.

In the autumn-winter 2021 season, in addition to the usual white, shades of powder, ivory, and delicate pastel colors are relevant. As an alternative to the basic elements of the business wardrobe – a light spring blouse made of smooth silk or delicate chiffon.

Elegant dress

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A business dress code does not mean asexual. A fitted dress with a V-neckline will emphasize femininity and give the image piquancy. It is advisable to choose a plain dress – it is convenient to combine it with accessories, without fear of overdoing it. However, you can try on a dress with a print, for example, with a floral one. If you prefer such a catchy option, then balance it with a classic black jacket, shoes-boats, and tight tights.

As a rule, the length of a business dress is a midi (just above or just below the knee). It is desirable that it was dark – shades of gray, emerald, blue, classic black, Bordeaux is possible. Women from whom you can learn skills in wearing a pencil dress are Victoria Beckham and Eva Mendes.

High-waisted skirt

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The high waist visually lengthens the silhouette, and in combination with high-heeled shoes, the image acquires incredible femininity and sexuality. Interestingly, the classic pencil skirt, which covers the knee, manages to pay attention to your legs, while not flaunting them, which is important for a business dress code.

When choosing a pencil skirt for the fall-winter 2021 season, keep in mind that it should not be too tight, otherwise you risk being in an awkward situation. Ideally, when the pencil skirt has a cut in the back.

As for other models of skirts with a high waist, the main rule when choosing is to take into account the length. The too short skirt looks frivolous for a business lady, and a long one is inappropriate for office everyday life.

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