6 ways to cheer up if you’re going to bed after lunch

If every time after dinner you want to sleep, you are not alone, this happens to many – this is how our body works. Or rather, the parasympathetic nervous system: it is she who is activated after eating, as a result of which we calm down, relax; at this point, nothing should distract us from digesting food. But what if there is still half a working day ahead and a ton of things to do?

1. Drink water

One of the causes of mid-day sleepiness is dehydration: it makes us feel tired and lethargic, affects cognitive function, reduces the ability to concentrate, and worsens short-term memory. So the call “in any incomprehensible situation, drink water” is very useful here.

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2. Turn on the light

Ideally, of course, you should go outside and take a walk – daylight has a direct effect on our daily biorhythms and helps to cheer up faster, but if there is no such possibility, use all light sources, especially bright.

3. Allow yourself a short afternoon nap

Again, not everyone has this opportunity, but if, for example, you work at home, allow yourself a little nap – from 20 to 45 minutes. This is much more effective than fighting a feeling of fatigue, and so you probably have enough strength to wake up and finish everything that is necessary.

At the same time, some experts advise limiting yourself to half an hour of sleep – if you sleep longer, there is a risk that the entire schedule of the day will move out because of this, and you will begin to go to bed and get up later.

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4. Talk to someone

The afternoon is not well suited for solving intellectual tasks that require maximum concentration, but at the same time it is perfect for calling, communicating with colleagues, or even for talking with friends, says career coach Angela Karakristos. “Try to plan for the activities you do alone in the morning and teamwork in the afternoon.”

5. Eat something useful and unusual

You may be surprised, but what we eat and drink has a lot to do with our ability to solve problems, focus, and remember. For example, a good way to increase your ability to concentrate is to eat broccoli, eggs, cereals, or lentils. In addition, you can try to outsmart yourself and plan your favorite snack, dessert, or long-awaited cup of coffee not in the morning, but in the afternoon.

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6. Do What Inspires You

After lunch, despite the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion, many feel that you need to “gather”, “push” and work without a break in order to have time for everything. Perhaps this is not the best way out of the situation: it is much more effective to plan an activity for the afternoon that fascinates and motivates you.

Clinical psychologist Ajoa Osei advises you to reflect on what really makes you enthusiastic, and do it every day – little by little, after dinner. Walking, stretching, a short dance warm-up, drawing sketches, meditation – find something that pleases you, and do not hesitate to indulge in it in the middle of the working day. You will see, these 10-15 minutes will bring you to your senses and, possibly, even save your day.

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