6 Ways To Turn Your Fall Leaf Collection Into Art

Have the leaves in your neighborhood begun to change color yet? It feels like any day now the green will be gone as I glance out the window—it always seems to sneak up on us. However, I’ve discovered that if I have something planned for those lovely leaves, I’m more mindful of the passage of time.

Even simply selecting the best leaves and pressing them in a book is enjoyable; I enjoy reminiscing about them a year later. However, I must say that these DIYs—all of which use genuine leaves—showcase some unexpected choices!

  1. Leaf Animals
    Here’s another easy but creative way to use leaves: I’m reminded of finding animals in the clouds by these photographs. If you look closely enough, everything looks like something else! The tutorial is at kokokoKIDS.

2. Wax-dipped Hanging Leaves
Martha has done it yet again! This is an excellent method to exhibit the numerous leaves that your children find and must preserve “forever.” Simply press them and they will be displayed! The tutorial is at Martha Stewart.

3. Fall Leaf Prints
Leaf prints are a traditional art form. The vibrant colors contrast beautifully with the recognizable shapes of fall leaves. This craft is fantastic for kids. The tutorial is at Naturally Educational

4. DIY Leaf Confetti
This is such a simple yet fantastic idea: pull out your favorite paper punches and make your own confetti! I’d like to punch a batch with my daughter and make collages with them.The tutorial is at Grow Creative.

5. DIY Painted Leaf Creatures
Another variant of anthropomorphized leaves can be found here. These small critters have the cutest googly-eyed expressions. The tutorial is at Katja Enseling.

6. DIY Painted Leaves
When you’re tired of painting on paper, try this exciting alternative. Leaves to paint! The shapes can be used to generate a plethora of creative ideas. The tutorial is at My Owl Barn.

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