7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

The best way to beat baldness is to come to terms with it. Moreover, you can go bald so stylishly that you will envy and be hairy.

The main rule of beautiful baldness: hair should be short. Alas, long thinned hair will never look stylish, adjacent to a bald crown. Of course, if you’ve been growing your hair since you came from the military, the loss can be painful. But you can keep your hair cut off! And even pass on to children (and they will throw them out).

Now that we’ve criticized the long atlas and they no longer threaten your fragile image, it’s time for a choice. Contrary to prejudice, balding men have a rich selection of stylistic solutions for the head. We counted seven. And now we hasten to share them with you!

Smoothly shaven head

The most obvious solution for those who have been visited by the happiness of baldness. Shave everything off and live serenely. In addition, a bald head is, anyway, a statement. You did not cowardly hide from baldness behind pads and wigs but gave him a crushing fight.

After all, hair is not a man’s main decoration. (There’s also a navel.) And bald ones are easy to remember. Which, on the one hand, is a plus, but on the other hand, you will have to refrain from petty thefts.

Photo No1 - 7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

Short hedgehog

Photo No2 - 7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

An excellent way out for those who have not only bald patches but also bald areas on the top. This haircut looks neat and courageous.

For the latter characterization, we can thank Jason Statham and early Bruce Willis. Well, not quite early, rather average Bruce Willis — the days of “Nine Yards”.

Haircut “Caesar”

Фото №3 - 7 причесок для начинающих лысеть
Photo No4 - 7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

From “Caesar” such a haircut differs in that it is not subject to strict fixation with gel. And most importantly, strands of hair have different lengths. It is suitable only for those who took the first timid steps along the path of baldness and so far noticed only a general weakening and thinning of hair. Here is the heir to the British throne William has already clearly noticed.

Short on the sides, long in the middle

Photo No5 - 7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

The best haircut when bald patches appear but keep the hair between them. Such a haircut brings variety to the life of a balding person: you can at least everyday style those hairs that are longer, either on the right parting or on the left.

This hairstyle Bruce Willis wore in “Happy Number Slevin”. And in general, there is something retro in it.

Mighty Nut

Photo No6 - 7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

The name of the haircut is due to the fact that those who dare to wear it are usually confident and influential people. For example, Sean Connery – what is not a self-confident and influential person?

It is even easier to care for such a haircut than for a cactus: it is enough to trim the hair growing on the sides every few months. You just let the hair grow as it pleases. Not everyone can afford such a chic.

Beard and mustache

Photo No7 - 7 hairstyles for beginners to bald

Not quite, of course, a haircut, but a nice bonus. Now everyone is obsessed with beards, but it is in the company of a completely bald head that the beard looks as impressive as possible. Look at Travolta in “From Paris with Love”! Even if you do not know that Travolta is in front of you, this bald-bearded man makes a spectacular impression. Look up to him.

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