7 happiness lessons you should learn from your dog

Dogs have been man’s best friends for at least 15,000 years, a number that some recent theories delay up to 40,000 years ago.

These mammals dream like you and their brain resembles that of the human being more than previously believed: they are capable of solving social problems, understand several hundred words and gestures, communicating with you by facial expressions, know how to perform simple calculations, and understand your intonation.

Dogs also go through grieving processes, feel anguish and depression, and love their families. They are not mere suspicions, but a good handful of data collected by the latest scientific research.

Also, from a psychology standpoint, there are many things you can learn from your dog. From Psychology Today, Care or some of these valuable vital lessons.

7 lessons you can learn from your dog

  • Finding happiness in the little things: A comfortable blanket, a toy, a ray of sunshine or a meadow full of grass to run are reasons to unleash the joy of your dog in a matter of seconds.
  • Joy looms in any everyday corner: The moment of going for a walk, squeezing next to you on the sofa or celebrating how your bowl is filled with food are enough to unleash a simple happiness in any chucho.
  • Eternal curiosity: Like children, animals have a sense of curiosity that makes them open up to the world around them. The leaves of trees, birds or a storm keep your mind awake and lively.
烏克蘭克列萬秋天由樹木形成的天然愛情隧道。 - eternal curiosity 個照片及圖片檔
  • Indulging in basic needs: Fresh water, copious food, good sleep or shelter are also basic human needs, but it is easy to lose focus on a materialistic, consumerist and competitive society. Your dog is the example of enjoying normal pleasures again, from a hot soup,
  • Enjoy repetition: Although spontaneity is good, you can learn from your dog the positives of the feeling of repetition and the benefits of doing some things every day. Going to bed and getting up at the same time, taking care of your meal times or taking a walk are key to improving physical and mental well-being.
lively couple playing video game in bedroom. - enjoy repetition 個照片及圖片檔
  • The game as an end: Fleeing from productivity, there is nothing better to combat the ghost of depression or drive away anxiety than playing, improvising and enjoying the physical or intellectual exercise of a sport, a creative practice, laughing with your friends or taking an excursion.
  • Carpe diem: To escape living always with an eye on the future, enjoying the moment to the fullest is something you can learn from your beloved pet. You never know when the last day you share with those you love most will be, and the present and your body is the only thing you have. Have them and enjoy them while you can.
she is so adorable! every moment with her is precious - enjoy every moment 個照片及圖片檔
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