7 kinds of super like swimming dogs

When it comes to swimming in summer, some dogs can’t wait to go into the water. In the past, dogs were mainly used to work with humans, and some dogs were bred as water hounds, hunting waterfowl and recovering prey that had died in rivers and lakes, and they still maintain a love of water. So if you also like swimming, these breeds may be your perfect companion. whenever they are ready to go in for a swim!

Here are 7 types of dogs that like to swim.

1. Labrador retriever dog

Labrador retrievers are one of the world’s most popular breeds of dogs and are bred to hunt and retrieve their prey in the water. They like water very much, are strong swimmers, and have a lot of energy. Give it a swimming pool that can play all day.

2. Golden hair

Golden hair was originally a hound, but not a specialized water hound. Now so like swimming, may just be a hobby.

3. Newfoundland dog

This gentle big dog is a powerful and powerful working dog, born good at swimming. Born for water rescue missions, their work requires a docile character and the stamina to save drowning victims in Canada’s icy waters. Although their size looks spectacular, but in fact very cute, probably only after the breeding knows.

4. Portuguese water dog

Portuguese water dogs were originally used to drive fish into fishermen’s nets and retrieve lost gear. They are born with water, because of this special love of water, but also a swimmer.

5. VIP dog

Originally a water hound, the VIP dog has later renamed the VIP dog (lady dog) because it was reared by the aristocracy during Louis xiv. They are very active and intelligent dogs and like to go into the water.

6. Nova scotia ducks to find the dog

As the name suggests, it was originally used to retrieve waterfowl. nova scotia duck Torin retriever is the smallest retriever dog that looks a bit like a golden retriever dog, an intelligent and lively character. These dogs are good at all kinds of dog sports, such as diving, agility, and obedience.

7, Irish water hounds

The Irish water hound is one of the oldest Spanish hounds, originally a sports dog and a water hound. beautiful double hair and tight curls help ward off harsh outdoor conditions and better hunting.

Dogs are born to swim, but swimming skills are not high, emergency no problem, but swim too long distance, or the water is too deep, the water is too fast to do. Too young a dog, don’t rush to throw it into the water, some will be afraid of water, which is dangerous. Every dog needs to learn how to swim and takes time to adapt to the water.

In addition, the owner has to teach the dog how to get ashore if it becomes tired, whether it’s from a swimming pool or a river or lake. If it’s summer, remember to swim half an hour between the dogs, let them come back and drink some water and rehydrate them. Otherwise, the dog is thirsty, wait for the swimming pool water or river water, go back may thin. Even if dogs like swimming, they should be restrained.

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