7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring Flowers on the First Date

If romcoms have taught us anything about courting women, it was that they just love flowers. You give them a bouquet of roses or lilies, and in five seconds, she’s all yours. Yes, well, in the real world, things don’t usually work like that. I say “usually” because there’s always that one desperate girl that screws up the stats.

Anyway, every woman at least once in her life wondered why she did not get any flowers on the first date, and we finally spill the beans.

Here are some of the reasons why a man would not want to give flowers to his lady.

1. Flowers are a waste of money

This is probably the biggest and most logical reason for them all. Even the most modest bouquet could easily cost up to a hundred dollars, so why waste money on something that will get thrown out in a day or two instead of either buying some fancy snacks at the restaurant or at least increasing your dating budget?

2. Snarky criticism

This is a fairly rare reason, but it happens. For example, a guy brought red roses to one of his previous dates, and the girl got upset because they weren’t tulips. Or maybe she said that he shouldn’t have brought her anything, to begin with. What a fool you are!

3. Direct and honest request

If your date told you beforehand that she doesn’t want to see any flowers in your hands, it’s actually a 50/50 trap. She either does want you to buy her some flowers or genuinely doesn’t. That’s something you’d need to deduce on your own, but just to be sure, don’t bring any. Worst case scenario – you respected her wishes, and she shouldn’t complain.

4. Flowers are useless.

They fade away in a couple of days, leaving only petals and sad memories of that date where you were forced to carry that huge heap of flowers all night long. You might as well give her a giant teddy bear. That was a joke. Never do that on the first date!

5. Save your money.

Some call it greed; I call it being smart. And yes, technically, it’s about the money again, but it’s different. On your first date, you often have no idea what will happen on the second date and if they’re ever will be one. So yes, don’t go all out unless you’re loaded. But even then, why flowers?

6. No serious intentions

A lot of women consider gifts like flowers to be an indication of strong feelings and even possible plans for the future. So leave those things for next week, okay? Try to sort out your feelings, and only then show signs of affection. And if you’re not feeling it, that’s going to save you some cash!

7. It’s an archaic tradition

Do you want to live in the past? If you do, that’s fine. It’s your choice. But you’re still reading this article, probably trying to find a good excuse for not bringing your date any flowers, so let me give you a good one: in medieval times, when a man gave his chosen lady flowers, he expected to get something back. That’s right, “a flower for a flower,” they called it. If your girl is upset you didn’t get her any roses, just hit her with this one. It always works because no self-respecting woman would ever be okay with dating a man whose intentions were impure.

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