7 Signs That You Might Be In A Toxic Relationship

Not everyone is as fortunate as others in finding their life mate since some must first go through some toxic relationships before finding the ideal one. Yes, we must all avoid toxic relationships since they are the reason why people have such a difficult time falling in love! And love shouldn’t be so difficult to deal with. If you’re in a relationship and often complain about your spouse, the cosmos may be sending you warning signs that you’re ignoring. If you’re seeking for indicators that you’re in a toxic relationship, it appears that the universe has just found a new way to warn you to get out.

  1. Too Much Jealousy
    If your spouse becomes envious of anybody you or they meet, this is a symptom of a poisonous personality characteristic. Jealousy is capable of many things, and the existence of jealousy in your relationship indicates a lack of trust. You always end up arguing when there is too much unreasonable jealousy! Nothing is resolved because you lose friends or potential friends and continue to battle. You justify your jealousy by claiming that you “love” them and don’t want to “lose” them to someone else.

2. It Feels Like A One-Man Effort
Each partner in a good relationship makes concessions to make the partnership function. You must balance all of your responsibilities in order for both of you to be satisfied. If you justify your actions by reasoning that “if they’re happy, then I’m happy,” despite the fact that you’re unhappy, it’s not a healthy way to be together. You should both be pleased, and you can only do so if you both put in effort for the other’s benefit as well.

3. Presence Of All Types Of Abuse
Abuse, whether physical or verbal, is a deal-breaker, and the relationship should be ended right away. It will happen again if it happened once. They will not change no matter what they say. If you’ve seen any of the indications listed above, we’re here to tell you that you deserve more and that it’s perfectly OK to end the relationship. Love should make you feel free and flourish, not enslaved and unhappy. If you know someone who is going through this, please share this with them to help them realize that it’s time to end their poisonous relationship.

4. You Keep Score Of Every Wrong Thing They Do
When you have a misunderstanding or an argument, you are in a toxic relationship if you find yourself constantly bringing up all of their previous wrongdoings and noting them down. It’s fine to call out their faults now in order to allow them time to learn from them, and you’re meant to forgive them. But you don’t have to keep track because they’ve most likely learnt from it; you shouldn’t hold a grudge against them any more.

5. There is just no longer any respect.
It’s time to go when your lover no longer respects you. To have a successful partnership, both parties must respect one other. Respect is crucial because it leads to trust, which is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of a good relationship. It is ideal if you never allow your spouse to insult you in public or in private since this is an indication that they are uninterested in you.

6. Feeling like you’re walking on eggshells all of the time
You’re in a toxic relationship if you find yourself constantly scrutinizing what you say or do. Whether you’re still unsure if your actions or words will be taken correctly, or if you’ll wind up in another major brawl, you should leave. It’s no longer healthy to be in such a relationship. You don’t have to worry about doing or saying something incorrect in a good relationship.

7. When Something Is Wrong, Passive-Aggressive Conversations
You won’t be able to solve the situation properly if you don’t tell your spouse how you’re feeling straight away. Being passive-aggressive in a relationship just adds to the issues. Instead, you aggravate the other, resulting in a new fight. Please keep in mind that neither you nor your spouse are mind readers, therefore you must inform them face to face and calmly address the situation.

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