7 stair design ideas

Terrazzo in block 

Whether in an old house or recent construction, architects and decorators draw stairs with a strong personality. Imposing or minimalist, they occupy a special place in the house, while others play the discreet. This is the case of this mansion in the Marais, in which the terrazzo staircase designed by the architects Humbert & Poyet asserts itself without frills. Located in the entrance hall, it fulfills its primary function of access to the floors while concealing behind two doors a laundry room on one side and a toilet on the other. Both in tune with the times and a nod to the past, the grey terrazzo coating is inlaid with fragments of white Carrara marble and black Belgian stone. Monolithic and uniform, it responds forcefully to the balustrade and suspension in opaline and brass designed by the architects to dress the stairwell, brilliantly mixing Art Deco and contemporary styles, with the added bonus of the painting Subway Drawings (1989) by Keith Haring.

Integrated with architecture 

In this contemporary house in Mexico City signed Hector Esrave Studio, the staircase designed without risers and sealed in the wall is a scenographic element of design and architecture. Imagined at the heart of the overall project of the house which includes an inner courtyard, it is one with the shelves that unfold along the entire length and height of the wall. You can store books and objects that are at hand, without losing space. The coherence of the whole is determined by the use of a single material, wood on the steps of the staircase, the shelves, a section of wall, and on the floor.

Style above all 

In this Art Deco apartment, the staircase and panels from the 1930s period have been restored by architects Hauvette & Madani. From the ground floor to the corridor, the arabesques of its sinuous ramp adorn the room, highlighting the beauty of the original wood and the quality of the artisanal ironwork. The flight of stairs, whose footprint is substantial, leaves the room, underneath, for furniture elements that are enough to create an elegant and timeless décor. The omnipresence of wall woodwork offers a warm setting to the works of art of a very personal collection. Wheelchair service in brass and antique glass, chair of Warren Platner (Knoll).

Steps that filter the light 

In London, designer Maria Speake of the Retrouvius agency and fashion designer Bella Freud have jointly designed this very seventies apartment. To let in as much natural light as possible through the large bay window, this aerial staircase that seems to emerge from the wall has been designed as purity without a riser. The whole works as a blind between shadow and light. And there is no wasted space! The passage spaces, under the staircase and the landing, are used as nooks and crannies intended for reading. Armchair S411 (Thonet), vintage pedestal table by Eero Saarinen.

An adjusted staircase 

This Parisian apartment in the ninth arrondissement is the reflection of the exuberant universe of the designer and creator Pierre Marie. Shaking up the codes of decoration, he puts the motif back in the spotlight in a heterogeneous abundance of contrasting colors. Accustomed to transforming, diverting furniture and objects, he has preserved, as a matter of course, the small narrow staircase, found in the state in the apartment. He created, underneath, a small custom-made wooden chest, like many other pieces in this colorful space. Fabric (Créations Métaphores), wooden lamp painted 1940, revisited with a lampshade and sidings, all Pierre Marie. Table by Joseph Hoffmann.

A kitchen area under the stairs 

In this old cellar, this small space was designed for a young couple and their two cats. The challenge? Bring all the light that was missing to the basement while infusing it with a relaxed and serene style. Madrid interior designer Lucia Buiza has therefore chosen to enlarge the openings on the ground floor so that natural light can flow in; then, the original staircase, very simple in solid oak, was restored and equipped with a handrail on the wall side. The space under stairs is optimized thanks to the layout of the kitchen, widely open to the living room, as well as a row of cupboards. Thus open-plan, the apartment looks like a mini loft, whose volumes are harmonized by light oak.

Mini staircase, space-saving 

In Sicily, the architect Laurent Buttazzoni set up his holiday home in an old sheepfold. With the help of Viviana Haddad, a young architect from the region, they are updating traditional construction techniques with local artisans. Following the original location of the building, a large central room has been imposed for the interior design, opening onto the bedrooms, the kitchen, the terrace, the bathroom. Within the living room, the staircase was designed from a Japanese piece of furniture and a drawing by Carlo Scarpa. Like a construction game, the raw wood blocks draw with disconcerting simplicity the access steps to the floor. In this project, where traditions and design combinations, the minimal footprint on the ground gives way to the suspended fireplace

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