7 things you can (and should) throw away today

There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than entering a house where cleanliness and order reign. In fact, have you ever wondered why we feel calmer in well-organized spaces? Psychology has the answer in these cases because there is no worse enemy for anxiety than disorder and excess of things in the same space.

In fact, if you are thinking of retiring that chair or vase this list of things you can throw away today may help you. Because attachment is good, but so are goodbyes.

7 Things You Can Throw Away Today

Worn underwear

It is time to change the wardrobe and with it, it does not hurt to review the drawer of the underwear, because surely there is hidden some pair of socks frozen in time.

No to the pellets

Ditto advises that the previous one can be transferred to clothes, such as that shirt whose seams are no longer held or the jersey of the previous season that accumulates balls everywhere.

Creams started unused

You opened it more than a year ago and for whatever reason, you have not put that cream back on. If it remains unfinished there it is for something, occupying unnecessary space in the bathroom closet.


Almost empty boats

This point is valid for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Those boats are about to be spent, but they never do. They only take up space and generate a vision of disorder. Fill or discard.

Old towels

Old, worn towels aren’t exactly the best accessory for a bathroom, as they make the space look sloppy. And even dirty. Say goodbye and look to treat yourself (here are some tips on how to choose bath towels).

Old magazines

A magazine rack is always that chic object that should not be missing in any room. But it is well known that less is more. Maybe it’s time to do a review so that the magazine rack looks like what it is, a selected selection of your favorite magazines from El Mueble, and not a store.

madera_00462294 O magazine rack


Let’s assume, the wax epilator is already for a museum. Saving for the time of keeping is the worst enemy of order. In fact, there is nothing like wondering how long I have not used this object to find out if it has ceased to be part of your life and that it is time to dare to throw it away.

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