7 tips for hair to grow faster!

Current trends in haircuts are increasingly underpowered by our desire to innovate the look. However, when we take risks with scissors and do not enjoy the result much, it seems that the locks take longer than normal to return to the length of before. In this situation, the ideal is to change some everyday habits that directly influence the growth of the wires.

You may not know it, but external factors, such as lifestyle, may also be related to slowed yarn growth. But the good news is that there is a lot of care that can be adopted to resolve this situation and accelerate hair growth.

So for you to conquer long, healthy locks in no time, we talked to a team of experts and put together a list of 8 tips for your hair to grow quickly. Check:

1- Look for a dermatologist

Believe me, hair loss is a problem that needs to be investigated. According to Paola Pomerantzeff, a dermatologist, the important thing is to do a full dermatological examination and an analysis to identify the cause and treat the problem appropriately.

In addition, if there have been changes in diet, sleep, and exercise recently, or if the person suffering from any illness during this period, this should be evaluated.

According to Pomerantzeff, home treatments such as topics, vitamin intake, and diet improvement can be done, or in-office treatments such as capillary mesotherapy, scalp micro-needling, and lasers, to accelerate yarn growth and improve volume quickly.

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2 – Feed properly

If your locks are slow to grow, it is also worth introducing into your diet foods that are sources of protein. According to Marcella Garcez, director and professor of the Brazilian Nutrology Association (ABRAN), the strands are basically formed of keratin, a protein. That is, the cat’s leap is to bet on the consumption of foods rich in this nutrient, such as fish, chicken, lean meat, eggs, and beans.

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“In addition to proteins, metallic minerals such as iron and copper, present, for example, in the liver, also have an important role in capillary health, in the same way as B-complex vitamins, such as biotin,” adds the medical neurologist.

3 – Be careful of the composition of the products and beware of chemistry

Few know, but even conventional hair cleaning products can alter the natural hair growth cycle. According to Pomerantzeff, this is because some shampoos are formulated with sulfates, aggressive components and that can put the health of the strands at risk, slowing their growth. “Therefore, the idea is to opt for products that do not contain the ingredient in its composition”, advises the dermatologist.

Also, pay attention to the tinctures and chemical processes. “The dyes corrode the surface layer of the strands, leaving the hair softer, opaque, brittle, more porous. The more radical the color change and the longer the exposure time to the product, the greater the risk of weakening the wires”, explains the graduate physician in aesthetic medicine Roberta Padovan.

Thus, the idea is to invest in ammonia-free paint, since they are less aggressive and function as a kind of makeup for the hair since the pigments are deposited only on the outside of the strands.

4 – Take care of the scalp

One of the causes of slow hair growth may be a lack of scalp care, which can lead to even hair dysbiosis.

According to dermatologist Daniel Cassiano, this occurs when the microbiota of the scalp, consisting of living microorganisms responsible for maintaining hair health, goes into imbalance, generating inflammation, fall, weakening, and shortening of the strands, and preventing the hair from reaching its maximum growth potential.

For this reason, it is increasingly indicated the use of non-abrasive products for scalp hygiene – and also topical probiotics.

Long, healthy hair: 7 tips for locks to grow quickly

6 – Stop smoking

If you have this habit, know that it may be one of the reasons why your hair doesn’t grow. “Every cigarette you light contains a cocktail of chemicals that affect your body’s oxygenation, including transportation,” pomerantzeff says.

7 – Go back to tip 1!

Without a doubt, the most important tip of all is to consult a doctor if you are having problems with the growth of your wires. Only a specialist will be able to understand what is happening to your body and recommend the best solution for you.

Sources: Paola Pomerantzeff, a medical dermatologist member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and the Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery (SBCD); Roberta Padovan, a post-graduate physician in dermatology; Daniel Cassiano, dermatologist, member of SBD and SBCD;

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