7 trend looks seen in street style to inspire your return to work

You don’t have to be an expert psychologist or break down all the symptoms of post-holiday depression one by one to know that returning to work after the break for the holidays always costs, but what would happen if we encouraged that return with the latest trends in fashion? That all of us, at least all of us who consider ourselves ‘fashion girls’, would have a hard time coming back and quickly catching up.

With that excuse and the new proposals in a tailored key of the editors camping at ease for the street style, we have selected 7 incredible looks that will serve as a sample and source of inspiration to face the rentrée with an extra dose of style. Also shortly you will see that this autumn the current ‘working’ has penetrated deep among the insiders to the point that it is loaded with great novelties. Write them all down.

Suit + corset

A new look that works. (Imaxtree)

© Provided by Vanitatis A new look that works. (Imaxtree)A new look that works. (Imaxtree)

With the jacket suit as an unbeatable and infallible outfit in her repertoire of looks to go to work, the change is given by the garment that the experts now wear under the jacket: a corset. Fusing two completely antagonistic worlds, tailoring, and corsetry, this modus begins to gain prominence on the asphalt, and to the obvious modification, we must add a mandatory requirement in its implementation, that the two pieces and the bodice are of different colors and thus get to highlight each garment.

Tailor coat and jeans

A simple and infallible look. (Imaxtree)

© Provided by Vanitatis A simple and infallible look. (Imaxtree) A simple and infallible look. (Imaxtree)

Extended its use in the office, as trends dictate today, jeans now make a couple next to the male coat. The requirements? There are two, that the jeans are the most classic possible, that is, a medium blue wash, a regular cut, and no broken or frills, and that the outerwear is long and comes to fulfill the role of American. The expert trick is to incorporate a thin belt to mark, adjust and define the silhouette under the coat.

Volume set

La insider Beatrice Gutu. (Instagram @streetrends)

© Provided by Vanitatis La insider Beatrice Gutu. (Instagram @streetrends)La insider Beatrice Gutu. (Instagram @streetrends)

Seen and pursued in the latest edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week, this working look created by influencer Beatrice Gutu is already viral. Specialist in surprising with combinations of garments and accessories in a minimal key, his latest proposal invites us to mix pieces with different volumes in a balanced and compensated whole thanks to the chromatic harmony granted by black and dark gray. If you like it and want to emulate it, refrain from using prints and bet on a single fabric also as a common thread.

Mix of prints

Play with prints. (Imaxtree)

© Provided by Vanitatis Play with prints. (Imaxtree)Play with prints. (Imaxtree)

Just the opposite case encloses this look and where the printed motifs are protagonists. The secret to recreate it well and give life to a perfect outfit ‘mix and match’ is to choose traditional prints with a common pattern. The practical example of the insider tells us that Vichy and tartan paintings work, the same success story would be to join liberty flowers with seventy-inspired bouquets, minutes with polka dots in XL size or thick and thin stripes in opposite shapes.

Up the color

Try looks with striking tones. (Imaxtree)

© Provided by Vanitatis Try looks with striking tones. (Imaxtree)Try looks with striking tones. (Imaxtree)

One of the great bets that have already been stomping for this autumn-winter is the maxim of color and warns us that soft and luminous tones are just as valid for these months of the year as for the rest and, of course, also at work. The advantage of this outfit is that you will not need a previous investment to recreate it, you can achieve it by pulling the summer tailor’s drawer, keeping a formal and elegant line at bay, and to top it off, add some winter element.

Pajamas and knus

A style seen in Copenhagen. (Imaxtree)

© Provided by Vanitatis A style seen in Copenhagen. (Imaxtree)

A style is seen in Copenhagen. (Imaxtree)

The total usual pajama look is guarantee and synonymous with comfort in the office, but with a small twist accompanied by knitwear. An oversize vest, a collage aesthetic jacket, or a turtleneck sweater, try the different combinations and make yours the one that best suits your personality. To elevate this outfit, she uses luxury accessories such as a good bag or high-heeled shoes.

The new black & white

A bicolor outfit. (Imaxtree)

© Provided by Vanitatis A bicolor outfit. (Imaxtree)A bicolor outfit. (Imaxtree)

This season the classic black and white binomial has abandoned male garments to welcome the lady style as a new ally. Forget the pants and without parking the shirt, this time transformed into a romantic blouse, surrender to the midi skirt as a companion in this tandem of color.

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