8 Basic Baby Skills You’ll Master In Your First Month

Your first few weeks as a first-time parent will be a frenzy unless you’re a real-life Mary Poppins. No one expects you to be in peak physical condition or to be extremely effective in your other endeavors. This wonderful period is set aside for you to bond with your new baby and learn how to navigate the world of parenthood. You’ll have mastered many of the fundamentals before you realize it. In your first month as a parent, you’ll master these eight essential infant abilities.

  1. Dealing With Diapers
    Nothing fully prepares you for having to change many diapers night and day, but every expectant parent knows it’s coming. But don’t worry, within a few weeks as a parent, you’ll have perfected the art of changing a diaper and will be doing it in your sleep! A simple tip: put a new diaper beneath your baby’s bum before removing the old one to ensure a seamless and clean changeover.

2. Rash Prevention
You may notice that your infant develops a rash around the diaper region. This is a very regular occurrence, and you’ve probably planned for it. This happens because when urine and feces combine, an ammonia acid is formed, causing the skin to become irritating and sore. Having a zinc oxide-based lotion on hand, such as Sudocrem, is a must-have baby skill. Every time you change their nappies, use a liberal amount.

3. Care for that cord
When it comes to the umbilical chord, keep it clean and dry. For the first two weeks or so, just sponge showers will suffice, until the cord and connected clamp shrivel up and fall off. (Don’t worry if it gets a little water on it.)

If your baby diaper doesn’t have a cutout to prevent discomfort, simply fold it down. If you see indications of infection (yellowish discharge, bad odor, or redness), contact your doctor right once.

4. Manage a car seat
You won’t be able to take your kid home from the hospital without a car seat since it is a legal requirement. Spend some time looking for a completely approved, high-quality seat and make sure you have enough time to install it before your delivery date. Clipping in and out of a car seat is famously difficult, so it’s absolutely worth practicing – it’s difficult enough without anything in it, let alone a wailing infant!

5. Swaddling
You’ll probably connect swaddling with a nativity performance before having a baby. Not for long, at least. Swaddling a newborn is one of the first things you’ll learn after they’re born, and when done correctly, it may help comfort them by resembling the mother’s womb. After a few tries, swaddling becomes second nature. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Take a lightweight, breathable fabric, such as a cotton muslin wrap.
  • Place your infant on their back, neck against the fold, and lay the blanket out in a diamond pattern. Fold the top corner down.
  • Pull the bottom corner of the blanket up to allow room for the baby’s feet to move.
  • Pull the right corner across your baby’s torso and tuck it under the lower back while holding them in place.
  • Pull the left corner across their body and snugly wrap it over their right side.

7. Packing The Perfect Bag
When you have a newborn baby, getting out and about takes on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days when all you had to do was throw on a jacket and go! You’ll now have to consider what you’ll need while you’re away from home and pack appropriately – diapers, baby wipes, a couple of muslins, a change of clothes, milk or formula, and don’t forget food for yourself! You’ll have this down to a science in no time.

8. Nail Clipping
If you’ve ever been scratched by a baby’s fingernails or toenails, you’ll remember it for a long time – those things are sharp! The issue is that newborns aren’t exactly cooperative when it comes to getting their nails trimmed, so the whole process may turn into a nightmare. Stay as calm as possible, and don’t get too stirred up if your baby cries. You can always give it another go later. Enlisting your partner’s assistance is a wonderful idea, as is setting a certain period (such as after the bath) when your infant will be extra relaxed.

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