8 techniques that french women use at the beginning of winter

We show 8 ways to create unique autumn-winter images on the example of French women – style icons Coco Chanel, Inès de la Fressange, Emmanuel Alt, Karin Reutfeld.

The style of French women is really special: it combines simplicity and femininity. French girls know how to choose clothes so that even the most ordinary image fascinates. We tell you how French women dress in winter and what techniques allow them to remain stylish at any time of the year.

Trousers – the basis of the wardrobe

Coco Chanel rightly opens a gallery of techniques: the way women dress now, in many respects we see thanks to her. “Fashion has two goals – convenience and love,” says Coco Chanel. Coco created a style that allowed girls to express themselves, opened up new facets of femininity, and was comfortable. A perfect combination!

Coco Chanel, 1930, photo: Getty Images
Kate Middleton, Photo: Legion Media

Now pants are an integral part of the girl’s wardrobe. Previously, their appearance was a real discovery, which, by the way, belongs to the beautiful Coco Chanel. French women appreciate convenience and simplicity, so trousers of different styles and colors occupy an important place in business images and for every day.

Tweed suit

Coco Chanel, 1963, photo: Getty Images
Chanel Métiers d'Art, photo: Kristy Sparow / WireImage / Getty Images

Clothes made of this kind are practical and certainly will not allow you to freeze in the cold, because it is made of dense woolen fabric. Once upon a time, only men dressed in tweed clothes. Coco opened up this material for women. Now from tweed sew a variety of clothes: from accessories to suits and outerwear.

Accent in the image

Inés de la Fressange

Simple in style, so distinguishing the French, and the ability to turn it into an advantage, inherent in the model Inès de la Fressange. The French woman advises not to overload the image with various accents, it should be made on one thing.

Tucking your pants into your boots

Emmanuel Alt

It is very convenient and practical. The way Emmanuel Alt dresses can be safely called the standard of French style, and the trousers tucked into boots confirm this. This technique will make the winter image lively and interesting.

Leather strap over coat and down jackets

Emmanuel Alt, Photo: Getty Images
Emmanuel Alt, Photo: Getty Images

Another technique of Emmanuel Alt is the emphasis on the waist. It will allow you to look visually slimmer, emphasize the femininity of the girl, even if she is in the upper oversize clothes.

Animalistic prints

Karin Roitfeld, Photo: Getty Images
Karin Roitfeld, Photo: Getty Images

“Classic with a twist,” Karin Roitfelddescribed her style. She knows how to emphasize her femininity, seasoning it with subtle expressions in the image. One of her techniques that make winter look exquisite and refined is animalistic prints. Karin Roitfeld prefers a bright and playful style because she likes to be the center of attention.

At public events, Karin creates outrageous bold images, in life she prefers to combine a thing with an ornament with neutral models of gray, black colors. Animalistic prints help her look brilliant.

Inés de la Fressange

Inés de la Fressange also skillfully implements prints in his wardrobe. This can be a laconic image with a printed thing as an accent or a combination of two prints in one bow. This image looks very bold and at the same time interesting and concise. He seems to destroy all the fashion foundations, challenges everything familiar. If you choose a successful combination, the image will look very advantageous.

Corset belts

Karin Roitfeld, Photo: Getty Images
Karin Roitfeld, Photo: Getty Images

Karin likes to emphasize her sexuality and knows how to create a sophisticated image with the help of details. The ex-editor of Vogue boldly uses S&M elements for this: corset belts, portupeia, bandage. She combines them with basic things, which balances the image.

Interesting shoes

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

If Karin Roitfeld chose a bold accent for her image, she would prefer accent shoes. Such shoes will always allow you to feel “on top”.

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