8 ways to get rid of belly fat without strict diets and workouts

Even girls with abs cubes know that they fought most stubbornly for the perfect figure in this part of the body. So how do you defeat the sediments that appear first and leave last?

– The place where fat is deposited depends on the genetic predisposition. In some women – in the buttocks and thighs, this is the so-called feminal obesity, that is, obesity of the female type. It is considered harmless in terms of complications from the cardiovascular system and for the development of diabetes.

In others, fat accumulates in the abdomen. This is android obesity or obesity of the male type. It is dangerous for its health consequences, especially when a woman has a large stomach, but there is not much subcutaneous fat. So, the main part of it has accumulated in the area of internal organs. A small amount of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen is normal for the female body, fat is involved in the activation of female hormones. If the waist circumference becomes more than 80 cm, you need to reduce weight.

Regulation No. 1. We eat in small portions

On how to make the portions smaller, and the waist-thinner, hundreds of works have been written and many copies of nutritionists have been broken. Opinions differ. But most experts have no doubts – the number of main meals during the day should be at least three and, if desired, you can add two or three snacks a day. Rare meals lead to an increased feeling of hunger and overeating. Marion Hetherington and Pam Blundell-Birtil, referring to the work of colleagues from the universities of Leeds, Sheffield, and Pennsylvania, are sure of this axiom.

Breaking down the daily menu into small portions is not easy. First, try the method of visual “deception” of yourself: let the portions look the same as before, but the energy “fuse” is less. For example, pouring yogurt over muesli, change the usual “layout” of the dish: first, pour yogurt into a cup and pour a little muesli on top. Have you planned a roast for dinner? Put more vegetables than usual, low-fat protein, and add only a quarter cup of rice, preferably brown. Important: before eating, be sure to drink a glass of water – in this case, it is unlikely to over the.

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Regulation No. 2. Chew slowly

This is beneficial from both a physiological and psychological point of view. Before you swallow something, you can try to count to 30 (if you are a beginner, then to 20). Scientists have proven that the finer the food is chewed, the better it was moistened by saliva. This means that it moves freely along the esophagus. And the process of digestion begins already in the mouth: there are special enzymes in saliva.

We often eat on the go or just for company. This does not allow you to enjoy food, feel the taste notes, catch the process of saturation. Slow and savoring food intake is an important component of conscious nutrition, thanks to which you will not want to take an extra piece.

Another simple way to slow down your meals: choose foods that require processing – peeling off the peel or peeling the shell (oranges, pistachios, etc.)

Regulation No. 3. We make the perfect menu

The basis of the diet should be fruits and vegetables, low-fat protein foods, complex carbohydrates in the form of cereals. Spinach is made on the basis of a vegetarian sandwich instead of a bun, minced meat is replaced with mushroom. For those who like oatmeal, we recommend adding more apples to the porridge. We replace the bread with whole-grain pita bread. In it, by the way, you can wrap vegetables, making vegetarian shawarma.

We try to exclude everything harmful as much as possible. First, fast food, pastries, and sweets (sugar is a decisive battle). Secondly, fatty, smoked, fried, and salted. Lean on bananas, avocado, asparagus, yogurt – probiotics will benefit the intestines.

Avoid snacking in the form of sandwiches and chocolate bars. Replace them with fermented milk drinks – the same kefir, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, fruits, or eggs – more benefits and fewer calories.

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Regulation No. 4. We refuse sugary drinks

We are talking about carbonated sweet water: it will definitely not benefit the figure – not so much because of the presence of gases, but because of the huge amount of sugar. Three Ph.D. from New Haven (Department of Psychology at Yale University) took up to investigate the problem from all sides. Having studied the works of nutritionists, they noted that the use of such a favorite “soda” directly affects weight gain. The arguments were supported by detailed tables and a reminder that in some US states, carbonated drinks due to the tendency of children to obesity are legally prohibited in schools.

Carbonated mineral water saturated with carbon dioxide (often sold in a pharmacy) contains no calories and can be beneficial. Indications – gastritis with the normal and reduced secretory function of the stomach, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, liver disease, chronic pancreatitis. But you need to drink it only in between meals. In other cases, it is better to use ordinary drinking water.

Regulation No. 5. Forget about alcohol

It is proven: drinking beer or cider causes weight gain, dehydrates the body, increases the heart rate and worsens sleep.

Scientists at the Research Institute of Eastern Ontario (Canada) studied control “measurements” among men and women who drink alcohol occasionally, and those who do not deny themselves a glass or a glass every day. It turned out that those who drink alcohol extremely rarely, almost do not suffer from being overweight. But those who have protracted “marathons” are often obese.

If you decide to help belly fat go away in the fitness room, then it is alcohol that will be the main blocking element in achieving the goal: it will make it as difficult as possible to lose weight and will not effectively build muscle mass, no matter how hard you and the trainer try. In addition, do not forget that strong drinks are usually served with high-calorie snacks: cheese, nuts, smoked meats, etc.

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Regulation No. 6. Getting enough sleep

Sweet and prolonged sleep is no less important than a balanced and portioned diet. The lack of quality sleep complicates the process of burning fat, and also leads to side effects, and is extremely unpleasant and long-term.

Recent laboratory data from scientists at the University of Turin support the findings on the link between sleep loss and an increased risk of obesity. They proved that sleep is an important modulator of neuroendocrine function and glucose metabolism. Its loss leads to serious changes: glucose tolerance is disturbed (which further leads to diabetes), the level of ghrelin (hunger hormone) increases, the level of leptin (a hormone that regulates appetite) decreases.

Japanese scientists echo colleagues: lack of sleep for three days reduces leptin levels by 10%. Because of this, a person feels hungry, especially before bedtime.

Regulation No. 7. Don’t be nervous

In order to get rid of belly fat, it is important to follow a psychological “diet”: this means at least not to be upset over trifles. Why? Yes, because stress is “eaten up”, and these are extra centimeters on the waist. Meditation will help to achieve Zen.

Choose a place where no one will bother you. Try to observe three conditions: comfort, convenience, and warmth. You can start meditation only after analyzing your own condition: if you are very anxious, then it is better to meditate lying down. To begin with, you need to discard all negative thoughts (anger, irritation). Try to watch your breathing – it should be calm and deep. Concentrate on your body, the state of the here and now, listen to white noise (sounds of nature, birds).

Regulation No. 8. Keeping Posture

This is very important, although for sure after a hard day’s work you want to bend into three deaths. Look at yourself in profile in the mirror! With improper posture, when the back is hunched over, a bend appears in the spine, which pushes the stomach forward. Bottom line: You look thicker and lower than you really are. You can adjust your posture if you look after yourself and exercise regularly. One of the most effective exercises is to stand up to the wall and touch it with your heels, pelvis, shoulder blades. Stand in this position for a minute, then raise your hands, still stand. The longer, the better the effect. But immediately torturing yourself with an unbearable load is not worth it, build it up gradually.

Another life hack for women who are used to slouching is heels. Five centimeters under the heel will make you straighten your back, and the gait will become lighter and more graceful.

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