9 habits of parents that are considered indecent in Britain

It is necessary to instill good taste in children from childhood, William Hanson, a prominent British expert in the field of etiquette, is sure. He articulated 9 things that good — and well-mannered — parents never do.

Children are difficult to control, and sometimes simply impossible. However, William Hanson is sure that if parents are really well-mannered people, and if they try to pass on a truly high-quality upbringing to their children, they will never allow themselves or them to do these 9 things.

Use the pot in public

Such shots no-no, and appear on the Web: the mother puts a portable pot next to the table in the cafe, pulls the child’s pants, and calmly sits him down to do his business right in the middle of the hall.

“Find a secluded place where you can do that. In the toilet, for example. Going to the toilet in public is just a disgusting idea, “the expert believes.

There is fast food

Fast food — okay, well, who among us is without sin. But Hanson believes that nuggets and fries are a pleasure that you can afford several times a year. And it is impossible to turn fast food into a habit in any case. Well, or at least not to post photos in the social network as your baby turns burgers day after day.

Screaming and running in public places

Children are children, they just have to scream and run. But ideally, do it where they don’t bother anyone. And if we are talking about a restaurant where couples gather for romantic dates or for the sake of intimate conversations, then it is not necessary to turn it into a playground. Moreover, in many institutions, there are children’s rooms.

Allow you to watch cartoons while eating

Food is an important matter in itself, it is impossible to be distracted from it, so as not to form an incorrect eating behavior. Reading for food is now unfashionable, but watching cartoons is very even. And that, according to Hanson, is a very bad idea.

“The child should participate in the common meal, look at the adults and learn how they behave,” he says.

And if you still go on about a little whiner and give him a phone or tablet at the table, give at the same time headphones. There is nothing worse than listening to the dialogue from “Masha and the Bear”, which comes from behind the next table.

Use a leash

This may seem like a good idea if the child is always trying to run away, and there are roads, cars, and other troubles ahead. And some parents do put something like a leash on their kids. It looks very ambiguous, and according to William Hanson, it is completely unacceptable, because the child is not a dog.

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Dress the baby like an adult

Young children should look like children, not mini-copies of their parents. It may seem cute – a leather jacket, torn jeans, like mom or dad. But is it reasonable? Childhood is fleeting – so give the child the opportunity to be a child, and not your smaller copy.

“Take the example of royal families – little princes and princesses look incredibly cute largely due to the fact that they wear timeless outfits that go against modern fashion,” Hanson said.

Dress the child in tracksuits

For sports, yes, of course, of course! The way out is unacceptable. By the way, the expert is sure that this rule applies to adults. Wearing a tracksuit to a feast, to the world, and to good people is a sign of bad taste.

Dress up the baby in clothes with brand logos

This is also applicable for adults: to hang yourself from head to toe “Gucci” and “Chanel” are permissible only for rappers and Insta-stars. And those in everyday life are not always so dressed up. And to dress the baby so that every inch of the fabric of children’s clothes shouts: “This is “Louis Vuitton”! – Completely tasteless.

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Use a pacifier

“You will never see that parents who occupy a solid position in society, allow the child to suck a pacifier in public – William Hanson in this matter is categorical. “Even a thumb in your mouth is better than a pacifier.”

True, many celebrities will certainly not agree with him here: the same Ksenia Borodina, who allowed her younger daughter to walk with a pacifier in her mouth until she was three years old. True, and got her for it – many believe that sucking a pacifier is harmful.

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