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If you like interiors, you can change your room well according to the season. Of course, it will be a change of pace, but if you change to a room that feels cool like summer, comfort will be greatly improved! I asked nao, a popular Instagrammer, how to create such a cool interior.

Effectively place cool colors and items

Just change the interior items such as lighting and miscellaneous goods in the room to something summery. By feeling cool in the look, it has the effect of lowering the feeling.

– Light stand shade to bright white

Light stand in living room

© ESSE-online Light Stand in Living Room

It seems to be summer in change from generation to white

The light stand in the living room is changed according to the season.

“Simply create a lampshade and change it from color to white to create a summery atmosphere. The shade material is also light from thick fabric to a clean impression.”

< winter version is here>

Light Stand

© ESSE-online Light Stand

In winter, it is a shade that feels warm.

● Put the green where the eyes go


© ESSE-online Green

The green on the window gives a refreshing impression of the room.

Placed a umberata potted plant on the window of the workspace.

“If you have plants in a place where you can always see them, you’ll feel relieved, and if you grow large branches in front of a mirror, it’s recommended because you can see more leaves in the reflection of the mirror and it’s cooler.”

– Decorate miscellaneous goods show neatly in one place

Storage cabinets and mirrors

© ESSE-online Storage

 Cabinets and mirrors non-messy display that utilizes the space on the shelf

Important miscellaneous goods are not dispersed and are put together on the shelves of the workspace.

“If you limit the places to decorate, you don’t look messy in large numbers; we’re unifying the tones of the colors so that your favorite glass artist, Eric Hoghlan, can look like an object.”

Shelf top display

© ESSE-online Shelf Top Display

There is a display by the window, mainly glass and ceramics. You can also enjoy the appearance of the light reflecting and shining.

Cooler! Home Remodeling Ideas

Mr. Rissko’s house was also transformed according to his life. I heard that I changed it to make the midsummer room comfortable.

– Do a cold with the door as glass

Indoor doors

© ESSE-online Indoor Doors

By using glass material all over the door, it creates a sense of missing and creates a cool atmosphere. The pale gray frame is also a refreshing impression.

“I was able to see the hallway, and the feeling of pressure disappeared at once.”

● Ventilation and heat measures with ceiling fans

Ceiling fan

© ESSE-online Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are useful in the season when it is hot but not enough to put air conditioning.

“We use good air to hide and circulate the wind. In summer, when used in conjunction with air conditioners, cooling efficiency is also improved.”

● Vertical blinds efficiently block sunlight

Woman by the window© ESSE-online Woman by the Window

Changed from cloth curtains to thermally shielded vertical blinds. It looks visually clean.

Vertical Blinds© ESSE-online Vertical Blinds”

It is convenient to be 3000

If it is a petit makeover that only changes the miscellaneous goods a little, it seems to be able to feel free! Please refer to the way of life that goodly takes in the seasonal feeling of the four seasons.

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