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On our stalls almost all year round, this fruit makes the whole world enjoy its tart grains.

Born in Persia

Appearing more than 5000 years ago, pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate tree, a shrub native to Persia that is particularly popular in hot and dry climates. The Romans would have discovered it in the Punic city of Carthage, hence its scientific name: Punica granatum. Its fruit has the shape of a round apple and a thick, firm, and shiny skin, which contains arils, red seeds with a tart and sweet flavor. Cultivated for centuries in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey mainly, pomegranate is now produced throughout the Mediterranean basin, but also in India, Israel, or California, in the United States.

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Divine in Greece

Different varieties of pomegranate, emblem of Hera, goddess of marriage and fertility, have been found in offerings deposited in her honor on the island of Samos. The fruit is also at the heart of the story of Persephone, daughter of Demeter, goddess of agriculture, and Zeus. Kidnapped by Hades, the god of the Underworld, she was condemned to remain (part of the year) in the realm of the dead, because she had swallowed a few grains of pomegranates…

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Sacred by the Religions of the Book

Among Christians, the pomegranate symbolizes divine perfection. It could even be that in the Garden of Eden, Eve crunched in this big red berry, and not in an apple. Mentioned among the fruits of the promised land alongside the date and the olive tree, it is also found in the Torah, where its 613 seeds represent the 613 commandments. As for the Prophet Muhammad, he recommends in the Qur’an to consume it to purge the body and soul of hatred and envy.

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Therapeutic in France

Reputed to be effective against stomach aches, teeth, and parasites, pomegranate has long been cultivated in Provence. As early as the fifteenth century, Rabelais, who was a doctor, treated his hero Pantagruel with pomegranate syrup lamps. Molière did the same later with his Imaginary Sick. But it was not until the nineteenth century that it was found in the pharmacopoeia of the Hôtel-Dieu, in the form of plasters or mouthwashes.

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Exported to the Americas

The Conquistadors on their sail for the New World embarked the fruit on their boats and successfully acclimatized it, especially in the West Indies. If the origin of the name of the Spanish city of Granada is uncertain, it would seem on the other hand that the island of Granada deserves its name to the abundance of shrubs, which would have been well-liked in these latitudes. The transplant also took place in Bermuda, as well as Mexico, and in a more industrial proportion in the US states of Arizona and California. The latter is also one of the largest producers of the Wonderful variety, very appreciated in juices because of its sweetness.

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A deceptive syrup

Originally, grenadine syrup was made from pomegranate juice, but today it is exclusively prepared from a mixture of red fruits: raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries…

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Azerbaijan Day at UNESCO

This is great recognition for Azerbaijan. In December, UNESCO inscribed Nar Bayrami on the list of intangible cultural heritage. This pomegranate festival takes place every year since 2006 in October-November in the goychay region, considered the capital of the fruit. More than a flagship ingredient of his cuisine, pomegranate is a true symbol for the Caucasus country, present in its craftsmanship, legends, and traditions… To declare their flame, men must offer a grenade to their beautiful. The festival celebrates this love apple with tastings, competitions, but also dance and music.

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