18 Animal Hilarious “Facts” That Will Absolutely Make You Laugh

The peaceful, soothing tones of individuals who narrate nature films appear to be there solely to fool you. Everything you’ve been told is, in fact, a lie! These hilarious images will reveal the full scope of the deception. Here are 18 facts about the animals we know and love that will show you the truth:

  1. A flock of lawn flamingos can pick a T-rex clean in under 90 seconds

2. Ducks will start to melt at 90 degrees

3. Kiwis are well known for their cannibalistic tendencies

4. Guinea pig fraternities frequently take advantages of passed out sorority girl

5. Drunk slow bear are an increasing problem in South America, and police have been trained to perform filed sobriety tests on them

6. Before an artichoke can bloom, it must first separate itself from its stalk and find a stream to drink from

7. After going without sex for more than a week, the Indian bullfrogs unusually place testicles swell and turn blue

8. Small dogs have low self esteem due to people calling them loser

9. The scowling cannon owl uses fermented mice and shrews as propellant

10. Small dog can be trained to handle basic dental examinations

11. When facing competition for resources, kitten from the street will engage in brutal rap battle

12. Wet sloths are made of nightmares

13. Lemurs are known to form strange shapes when they eat, summoning spirits which protect them

14. After being mocked for having skinny bird legs, some will dedicate themselves to intense workout regiment. Rarely is it effective.

15. After she’s laid her egg, the mother puma will leave her nest only to feed

16. Foxes often have bank accounts and can routinely be seen waiting for ATMs

17. Ice bears are absolute professionals and will show up 15 minutes before an interview

18. Inbreeding is a huge problem with city birds. Look at this inbreed bird for example

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