Are you a jealous person? These details confirm this

When a person is jealous by nature, he is not only jealous with his relationships, but he usually replicates these emotions in other areas and relationships and can feel betrayed by his friends, his family, or even his co-workers, in addition to becoming suspicious of anyone who believes that he can betray him. Being jealous is not a positive feeling, and even less so when jealousy manifests itself in its maximum degree of expression and makes a person toxic. That is why when one feels jealous or experiences these feelings of distrust towards people who want the convenient thing is to have professional help to help us manage emotions and have greater self-esteem.

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And you, are you jealous or jealous?

Don’t know whether to consider yourself a jealous person? These are some attitudes typical of jealous people. If you meet some of them, you probably have a trust issue that you need to work on. 

1. You constantly distrust your partner’s word. As much as he or she tells you that he or she only loves you or that he or she doesn’t speak or see other people with loving intentions, there is something about you that tells you that is not true. You may have a problem of distrust from experience with other relationships, but you shouldn’t dump that distrust on the new people you meet. At least not do it without these give you a clear reason. 

2. You look at their phone and go into their intimacy Jealous people have the need to check if their suspicions are true or not. So much so that their pulse does not tremble when it comes to entering the intimacy of their partner or friends, taking their phone to browse their conversations, or even checking that they are in the places they say they are. A less direct but equally worrying way to control is to be aware of when you are ‘online’ or when was the last time you connected, as well as to control if you have new followers on your social networks.

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3. You don’t like me to make plans with other people As important is to take care of the relationship as to let everyone have their own space within it. . Trying to spend all the time with a person is not healthy for the relationship, and it is very important that the spaces of each one are respected always trusting in the other. 

4. You constantly feel a threat A jealous person feels other people as threats. If your best friend has a new friendship, it’s usually not to your liking. And let’s not even talk about the fact of ‘prohibiting’ in some way that your partner has friendships with people of the sex that attracts him and with whom he could develop a romantic interest. 

5. Threats to break up the relationship when you don’t like something Jealousy manifests itself in many ways, and one of them is that of emotional blackmail. If you don’t like something about your partner, you threaten to break off the relationship. If the other person relents, the former will feel a power of control that he will use to his advantage. If he does not relent (which would be the most sensible option), he would be setting the limits and the first person would have no choice but to trust or fulfill his threat.

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