Arranging your kitchen: all the tips to properly arrange it

Kitchen in I, L or U… we do not always know how to properly arrange this user-friendly room. Here are some tips to help you in your efforts.

Just like the living room, the kitchen is a room where we like to meet. Whether you have a small kitchen or a very large room, you must know how to organize it well to make it functional and more accessible. Brico Dépôt reveals its great ideas to arrange its kitchen and make it the main room of your place of life. You can also use the Brico Dépôt 3D configurator to help you visualize your kitchen and how you want to configure it.

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How to properly organize a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, it is recommended to configure this space in a linear way. This amounts to grouping all your furniture on a single wall to save space easily and avoid cluttering the room. In the same vein, you can also let yourself be tempted by a kitchen open to another room to give an impression of depth and grandeur. Finally, to save space, arrange your storage in height or in drawers to have access super easily.

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How to properly organize a medium-sized kitchen?

If your room is rectangular and is at least 15m² of total area with a width of at least 2.5 m, Brico Dépôt recommends a corridor layout. So organize your kitchen with the worktop and equipment on one side and the storage on the other. This allows, in fact, to facilitate the passage and perhaps even to leave a small space to install a table and some chairs or stools.

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An L-sized kitchen that is at least 15m² of surface allows you to enjoy a large worktop with on one side the hob and on the other the sink and storage. In addition, it is also the ideal configuration to open the kitchen to a dining area or a dining room with a beautiful table in the center of the room or even to arrange a small office area.

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How to properly arrange large kitchens?

As for kitchens over 15m², you have the choice between different layouts. A U-shaped configuration will allow you, for example, to create 3 different spaces: the warm corner (with the hobs), the washing and storage area, and the dining area thanks to a bar and some stools. You can also reproduce this arrangement in a closed room by using 3 walls and separating your dining area from the rest of the kitchen. The advantage of a U-shaped configuration is to gain visibility, especially if your kitchen is open, but also to save space by integrating your dining area directly after your worktop.

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A large kitchen can also fit differently, with a central island. Brico Dépôt recommends this configuration on a room of more than 20m² minimum to optimize your circulation space in particular. In this type of organization, you can group your furniture (hob, sink, storage) on a section of wall and make your island your dining area but you can also very well use it to enlarge your worktop by adding furniture. These two kitchen layouts fit into open rooms so do not hesitate to create an even warmer room with a modern or natural decoration.

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