Asymmetry or total-white

There is very little left before the main night of the year, which means it’s time to start choosing a spectacular image for the New Year. 

Stylist of the brand of women’s clothing EMKA

Every girl wants to look mind-blowing, regardless of where the celebration is to be held – at home, in a restaurant, or on a trip.

The new is always the well-forgotten old

If I could make a reward for the most spectacular comeback in the field of fashion, I would give it to tweed.

If a couple of years ago costumes made of this fabric were worn only by representatives of the aristocracy in the UK, now tweed is everywhere, and even on those stars who are far from the most classical preferences in clothing, for example, Lady Gaga or Paris Hilton. If you are not one of those who buy a dress for one exit, we suggest looking at the option of two-piece suits made of tweed or tweed dresses-cases. The choice can be made both in favor of bright color and a monochrome set, complementing it with bright accessories – a handbag, stiletto heels, and even colored tights.


For some reason, in winter, girls often try to avoid white shades and prefer things of bright or dark colors. Nevertheless, today many brands in their New Year’s campaigns present us with total white. Dresses and suits, shirts and skirts, trousers and tops – spectacular clothes in white are simply created for special moments and elegant celebrations.

Comfort does not mean modest

Suits in pajama-style have both passionate fans and ardent opponents. One thing remains unchanged – no one is indifferent to them! It is worth noting that a loose pantsuit in this style is far from pajamas, in which you can sleep and watch TV shows on weekends. This style-forming thing should be made of high-quality flowing fabric, have a free cut, and of course not shine through!

The versatility of the kit lies in the fact that it can be used both at a house party and at a private event in a fashionable restaurant. The main thing is to pair with the suit suitable shoes. If the flat version drastically reduces the degree of spectacularity, then boats or sandals will make the image truly complete.

 Fashion asymmetry

Another feature of the New Year 2022 will be the choice in favor of asymmetrical details in the image. A dress or jumpsuit with a bare shoulder, an asymmetrical crop top together with trousers, or a skirt with a high waist – all this has the right to life on New Year’s Eve. But don’t overdo it! A thing with a complex detail should be combined with light and even careless styling, but accessories can be voluminous, but as simple as possible.

We bet on the color
In parallel with the growing trend for interesting details, we observe a simplification of silhouettes. Indeed, in some situations, the formula works: the simpler the better! This can definitely be said about combination dresses.

From last year, combinations wander into the new, and their relevance remains the same. This dress can be worn with a jacket from a man’s shoulder or left solo, betting on color. This year, shades of blue, blue, turquoise will be of particular preference, as we meet the year of the Water Tiger. So why not use this hint when choosing your image?

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