This sweater is the most sought-after on the internet at the moment!

Are you looking for the essential fashion pieces for this autumn-winter 2021/2022? Good news! We know one of the most sought-after sweaters on the internet.

Back to school is barely over when you are already looking at who your best allies will be for the coming autumn/winter. This is rather good since the search engine Stylight has recently published eloquent figures concerning a hyper trendy piece.

Which sweater is the most searched for on the internet?

When the autumn season arrives, we have only one desire: to curl up in warm and comfortable rooms. What are we looking for above all? Comfort, gentleness, without neglecting our appearance. And it seems that for this autumn /winter, the striped sweater is particularly popular.

Indeed, the search engine Stylight has seen an increase in clicks of more than 78% regarding the turtleneck sweater, with white and black stripes. And if we have already seen it on some influencers (such as Yasemin Ogün or the French Camille Charrière for example), the striped sweater is also very present on the shelves of our favorite stores.© Provided by [email protected]© Provided by [email protected]

Where to find a striped turtleneck sweater for this fall/winter?

This time for sure, you are determined to get a striped turtleneck sweater. This model, hyper trendy for the autumn/winter to come exists in several variations. Large mesh version, white with black stripes or vice versa, black with white stripes, with a turtleneck or a simple rising collar… You will be spoilt for choice!

Our favorites? The black sweater with white stripes from Mango, with its hyper fashion buttoned collar (39,99 €), the organic cotton sweater of Na-kd Reborn (38,95 €) as well as the one with the collar slightly openwork signed Morgan (currently at 20 €). With flare jeans or imitation leather pants, you will be right in the trend of autumn/winter 2021/2022!© Provided by Herepress

From left to right:

Striped mesh sweater, Mango, 39,99€ Organic mesh sweater, Na-kd Reborn, 38,95€Long sleeve striped sweater, Morgan, currently at 20€

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