Autumn-winter trends 2021–2022

The autumn-winter 2021-2022 season marks the renaissance after months of half-heartedness. Result? A rich, dense fashion, full of trends to adopt without delay. Overview of the season.

Fashion follows the movements of society. If last winter, fashion had become resolutely cozy, giving pride of place to cocooning homeware that came to heal the days of waiting and a new rhythm of life, the trends of the autumn-winter season 2021-2022 come to record the renewal. With the desire to go outcomes that of seizing the colors again. This winter, the red parade. In a vermilion coat of vertiginous heels, high-waisted pants, or total-look crimson, we sign his re-release with panache.

In the evening, we accompany the sparkling night in Paris or elsewhere by tuning his outfit. Golden, lamé, glitter, the winter collections come to quench our thirst for outings, for celebrations finally started again. Trench coat, embroidered dress, sparkling sandals, cascading jewelry …, the shine is out day and night. Like the transparency that is assumed by small touches or whole dress, apparent underwear that reminds us that it is by evoking that we arouse desire, much more surely than by showing everything goes.

Autumn-winter 2021-2022: tile and bourgeois trend

La tendance bourgeoise
© Benjamin DecoinThe bourgeois tendency

The long winter evenings and the short end-of-year days will give way to a certain desire for cocooning, a very Balmoral spirit, a desire for bourgeois and warm chic. The opportunity to dive back into the world of tile print, omnipresent this autumn-winter, ultra-chic boyish suits to wear coordinated, with a pair of derbies that dedramatize, a turtleneck, a big belt, or in a pencil skirt, long, or in combination.

Bourgeois looks, on the other hand, are assumed in floral lavallière, Fuschia pants, rich lace, and resolutely retro boots.

Fall-Winter 2021-2022: fringes, jeans and the panther

Pocahontas, cowgirl, nostalgic, the fringe is everywhere, which adorns the too wise jackets, the low or high boots that squirm on the pavement, and even on the wrists. On the thirties or ultra-short dresses, the fringe is undeniably that pungent detail that will sign in the coming months. As for denim, which continues to draw on its heritage to marry its new modernity, it is everywhere, bent, patchwork, ultra classic, or totally revisited. It is mixed with leopard, panther, these animal prints that always add this small dose of rebellious spirit, in small touches or wild spirit totally in love with freedom.

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