Back to school 2021 trends: 10 fashion essentials to adopt to have everything good

An oversize white T-shirt, a well-cut blazer or the perfect jeans of the moment… Zoom on 10 essential fashion pieces to offer in this autumn 2021.

Here we are, the start of the school year is indeed from there! Yes, but how to dress to stay stylish? What are the essentials to have? Do not panic, you necessarily have fashion essentials in your dressing room. And if not, there’s still time to invest in a few must-haves that won’t leave you. If you have planned to stock up on novelties, you might as well turn to pieces at the top of the latest autumn-winter fashion trends 2021-2022. Enough to bring what I do not know will make all the difference. Here are the 10 pieces that you will undoubtedly not be able to skip this season…Back to school 2021 trends: 10 fashion essentials to adopt to have everything good© House 123 / From Future / Mango Back to school 2021 trends: 10 fashion essentials to adopt to have everything good

1. A “slip dress” To get back to work as well as to go out, you will have to count on a pretty little dress, the slip dress. Coming from the nineties wardrobe, this noisette dress in satin material and thin straps, is ideal to upgrade the look and sublimate your figure. Minimalist, light, and easy to wear, it combines according to styles and desires. In mini or maxi version, colored or patterned, with frowns or buttons: there will necessarily be one that will capsize your heart.

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2. A quilted handbag Because back to school also rhymes with new supplies, the bag is simply essential. But not just anyone. If the mini bag is more than ever in vogue, we prefer bags in the XXL version. Whether it’s a canvas bag or a large leather handbag, you should be able to find what you’re looking for. For a crazily allured look, do not hesitate to turn to quilted models very prominent.

3. A chic and comfortable shirt It is one of the basics that we should all have in his dressing room to concoct pretty office wear looks. But this season, we say goodbye to too curved cuts, and we say hello to the oversize trendy shirt.

4. Straight pants If you swear by slim, go your way. The pants are in tune with the latest fashion trends. On the program? Ample, wide, and high-waisted cuts. The message is clear: long live comfort! We also have fun with pretty colors.

5. A purple and/or purple room Summer is almost over, the first leaves begin to fall and temperatures cool down. It’s time to think about putting on small sweaters and cardigans for example. To be sure to be at the top, bet on seasonal colors such as beige, chocolate, khaki, but also rust. This autumn, we also dare the peppy and shimmering colors like purple and purple that will be absolutely everywhere!

6. A white T-shirt This is THE piece that twists with all the other basics of your dressing room. For a casual chic look, it is combined with jeans. For a resolutely feminine look, we match with a skirt. For teleworking days, it is mixed with a jog. In short, the white T-shirt is the essential fashion to have imperatively under the elbow.

7. Moccasins A chic alternative to sneakers or ballerinas that make a smashing fashion comeback, moccasins will accompany you everywhere, all the time, and on any occasion. Coming from the men’s wardrobe, they will be perfect to seize the genderless trend hands down. And this season, we choose them with a slight platform to take the height … BCBG look guaranteed!

8. A well-cut blazer jacket It is undoubtedly the mid-season jacket that upgrades the look for sure. This autumn, it is still available in a string of cuts, colors, and canon prints. To be at the top of the latest trends, do not hesitate to choose it in a Prince of Galle checkered pattern or with pretty shoulder pads.

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9. A trench coat, timeless with the arrival of autumn and rainy days, we adopt (again and again) the trench coat with our eyes closed. In the maxi version for slender girls, in mini or noon version for the little ones… There will be something for all morphologies! But also for all styles. To not commit any odds, we turn to a classic model in beige.

10. A “criss-cross” jeans among all the latest novelties, opt for the denim criss-cross; with its button on the side and its asymmetrically sewn closure, it gives an ultra-original trompe-l’oeil effect. And no need to touch your wallet to adopt the trend: there is a great trick to concoct your own denim criss-cross.

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All you have to do is create canon looks!

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