Baldness: 5 myths about hair loss

It is an undeniable fact: many men know the pangs of baldness. While the problem usually gets worse with age, the abundance of legends and superstitions doesn’t help to find the right solution (or accept reality once and for all).

Experts claim that hair loss in men is caused by a genetic phenomenon called androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. It seems that it affects 90% of men affected by the problem. However, it can also be due to vitamin deficiency, an autoimmune disease or have been triggered by a traumatic event.

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Knowing the legends circulating about baldness will allow you to determine if you can remedy the problem, find better treatments if this is the case, and realize that magic formulas do not exist and that every hair is different. It is, therefore, better to follow a method that applies to your own needs.

The legends surrounding baldness:

• A legacy of our maternal grandfather? If your mother’s father is bald, some say you have no chance of escaping it. But according to experts, this is not the case, hair loss is a polygenic trait, which means that the characteristics of many ancestors come into play, and not just a single grandfather.

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• Too much testosterone? It was thought that a high level of this predominantly male hormone led to a greater risk of hair loss, but studies have shown that men who suffer from baldness and those who do not have similar testosterone levels. It is the sensitivity of the hair follicles to hormones that is decisive, a characteristic determined by our genetic heritage.

• A consequence of tanning? UV rays certainly do a lot of damage but do not make you bald. Exposure to the sun, however, can affect the hair shaft and damage it, which can make it fragile.

• Wearing a cap or hat? Yes, an extremely tight cap could trigger rubbing alopecia, but it would be so uncomfortable that you would remove it quickly. Mosh, a site that provides advice on scalp and hair health, argues that caps and hats are not your enemies.

• The effects of aging? In reality, you can start losing your hair as early as 19 years old. We, therefore, recommend treatments that strengthen the hair, in prevention.

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The truth about hair loss:

  1. 85% of men experience hair loss problems.
  2. Hair loss affects appearance but can also affect self-esteem and mental health.
  3. Diet plays an important role, as certain deficiencies can cause hair loss.
  4. This is a normal process. Our hair ages and falls out.
  5. Hair loss is treated. There are many treatment options (although these only work up to a certain point).
  6. It is normal to lose between 60 and 90 hairs per day.
  7. By the time one begins to notice that the scalp becomes visible, one has usually already suffered a hair loss of 30%.
  8. Prevention is crucial. It is important to use products that prevent the hair from becoming thin and fragile.
  9. It is advisable to consult a specialist who will be able to determine if there are solutions and what are the best alternatives.
  10. In the long run, we must accept reality. Baldness can be well. Sometimes you have to accept that the time has come to shave your head and adopt the style of The Rock.
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