Brilliant Tips For Furnishing A Small Living Space

It might be difficult to figure out how to arrange furniture in a tiny room. Your options are limited due to the little area, but with the proper arrangement, you can create a functioning room that appears larger than it is. These tips can help you create a compact room furniture arrangement that maximizes your space.

  1. Work Your Weird Angles
Image Credit: Bramwell Brown Clocks

2. Keep your wall decor minimal and spaced out, so that the room doesn’t feel crammed.

3. Open shelves make your kitchen appear much more spacious than closed cabinets.

4. Go for Folding Pieces

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5. Mirrors Are Your Friend

6.  Consider elevating your bed — with bed risers like these — in order to make space for storage underneath that Earn Their Place

Source: buzzfeed

7. Or go whole hog and invest in a loft bed.

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8. You can also lift up your bed entirely — on top of a set of cabinets, for example…

Source: Bestie

9. Keep towels rolled up in a basket.

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10. Take advantage of the space behind the couch or bed for storage or makeshift shelves.

Source: Ikea

11. Use large hanging curtains to immediately make your room appear larger.

Source: edeenut
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