Caramel color dyes for a new fall 2021 look

Caramel dyes are the perfect shade to complement the warmth of brown skin, as it highlights the reddish and yellow tones of the complexion and illuminates dark hair while maintaining a natural appearance. That’s why it’s a favorite of celebrities like JLo, Sara Sampaio, and Selena Gomez.

Here are some options to wear caramel hair in different shades and that you can get a look worthy of the red carpet. Especially during the autumn season, when these shades become the most popular among beauty lovers.

Caramel dyes

Caramel colors

The effects in caramel tones are perfect for those who prefer to maintain a natural appearance. It can be worn in lights that mimic the reflection of the sun or with a balayage. You can concentrate the reflections in the front or combine them with a gradient for a more harmonious effect of clear tips. This year one of the most popular trends indicates that the strands near the face are visibly lighter than the rest of the hair.Hair dyes 2021 for brunettes

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Balayage blonde caramel

This effect is ideal for long-haired brunettes who want to try a lighter tone since this combines different shades from the natural tone of the root to a more blonde tone.

Color effects
© Provided by Nueva Mujer Color effects

Copper caramel

This effect is achieved by adding babylights in caramel tones to coppery brown hair, in addition to providing warmth adds movement and dimension, looks incredible in wavy hair.Caramel hair

© Provided by Nueva Mujer Caramel hair


In short or medium hair, the best option is a gradient effect that respects the natural tone of the root and creates a gradient effect in caramel blonde tones.

Lights for light brunettes
© Provided by Nueva Mujer Lights for light brunettes

Contour effect in caramel tones

Honey tones are ideal for brightening the hair of brown girls, especially when worn in a gradient effect in light and golden brown tones. One of the most popular effects of recent months has been the contour, that is, lightening the strands closest to the face to illuminate it. It is recommended to wear it in golden tones to highlight the warmth of brown skin and have a healthier appearance.

Hair dyes 2021 for brunettes
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