Change is growing: what future kings and queens of different countries of the world are interested in

They do not watch TV, learn oratory and conquer the military sciences.

Let’s look at the children who now bear the title of Royal Highness.

George of Cambridge, 8 years old

He ranks third in the order of succession to the British throne.

George Alexander Louis, Photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day George Alexander Louis, Photo: Legion-MediaWith mom, father, sister and brother, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day With Mom, Father, Sister and Brother, Photo: Legion-Media

The prince of the most famous royal family is likely to wait for the throne when he himself will have grandchildren. For example, his grandfather – Prince Charles of Wales – in his 72 years has not yet become king. Wishing health to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, he lives quietly in the role of a prince. Then the royal place should be taken by the Duke of Cambridge William and only then George Alexander Louis (full name of the heir). But it won’t be soon.

Kate Middleton even before the birth of her first child knew that her son was already called “the world’s most famous baby”, and read Wikipedia sections about him when the child was not yet born. But she brings up her children in strictness.

Prince George and his 6-year-old sister Charlotte (fourth in line to the throne) are forbidden to have tablets, and TV can only be watched for one hour a day. But educational games in the form of puzzles, designers, and board games in the children’s room as much as you want. On the street, kids are allowed to play in any weather, and for this, there are bicycle walks, games with dogs, and work in the garden. At school, the heirs to the throne learn Spanish and French. And in sports have already achieved certain results in tennis, horse riding and gymnastics.

Elizabeth, Duchess of Brabant, 19

The first heiress to the throne of Belgium

Elisabeth of Belgium at the official event, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day Elisabeth of Belgium at an official event, photo: Legion-MediaStudying at the Military Academy, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day Studying at the Military Academy, Photo: Legion-Media

The eldest daughter of King Philip of Belgium and his wife Queen Matilda was given four names at birth, as a result, the girl’s name is Elizabeth Teresa Maria Helena of Belgium. Despite the fact that she has two brothers, it is she who claims the throne as the firstborn in the family (regardless of the sex of the heir).

Already now the girl is called an exemplary crown princess. Having studied all the royal laws, Elisabeth of Belgium adheres to centuries-old traditions: she earns the sympathy of the citizens of the country, is engaged in volunteer activities, and demonstrates her closeness to the common people. Last year, after quarantine, she delivered fresh food to the elderly. And on her 18th birthday, she invited not only dignitaries to The Castle of Laken, but also 80 people – her usual peers from different schools.

The girl perfectly knows Dutch, French, and English. After graduating from a British college for children from aristocratic families, she decided to get higher education in her homeland. And there were not without surprises. The princess entered the Royal Military Academy, which her father once graduated. Elizabeth is the only woman of the royal dynasty who undergoes such serious military training. In her free time, she is engaged in tennis, skiing, and trekking.

Katharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, 17 years old

Princess of Orange, Heiress to the Throne of the Netherlands

Katarina-Amalia, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day Katarina-Amalia, Photo: Legion-MediaWith parents and younger sisters, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day With parents and younger sisters, Photo: Legion-Media

The first daughter of King Willem Alexander and Queen Mássimá is the first in the line of succession to the throne. After her grandmother Beatrix, who after 23 years of reign abdicated in favor of her son, Katharina will again resume female reign in the Netherlands. After all, only women ruled on this earth for more than 120 years.

Recently, the princess surprised all her future subjects by refusing the subsidy. The fact is that according to tradition, from the age of 18, she had to receive an allowance of 1.6 million euros per year. But the girl addressed a letter to the Prime Minister and asked to cancel her payments. “Put this money in the right direction. There are people who are more in need of material support,” wrote the Princess. Katarina said that she feels uncomfortable due to the fact that she does not justify the amounts calculated for her.

Now the girl is graduating from school and does not plan to enter a higher educational institution yet. So she wants to give herself one year to think. Her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange enjoys spending time with her two younger sisters.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 17 years old

Second Heiress to the Norwegian Throne

Ingrid, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day Ingrid, Photo: Legion-MediaWith mom, father and younger brother, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day With Mom, Father, and Younger Brother, Photo: Legion-Media

The girl has every chance to become the first woman on the throne of Norway for more than 600 years. She is the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Haakon, who will become the ruler of the empire after his father, the current King Harald V.

Ingrid’s mother, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, initially wanted her daughter to be fluent in English and study surrounded by children from different countries. That is why the girl after primary school was transferred to a private international school in Oslo. In an official statement, the family said that this would better help the princess prepare for the role of queen. The girl already communicates on an equal footing with representatives of monarchies. So, recently she personally conducted a tour in the park of her name for Kate Middleton and Prince William.

But the first place in the life of the Royal Highness has sport. Ingrid skis, kickboxes and is passionate about surfing. “Most of all, she likes to sleep in a tent under the open sky,” says her father. The subjects of the country are sure that they will get a calm, kind and wise queen.

Christian, Prince of Denmark, Count of Monpez, 15

Second to the throne of the Kingdom of Denmark

Christian, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Christian Woman’s Day, Photo: Legion-MediaWith parents and younger sisters and brother. Upstairs is his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day With parents and younger sisters and brother. Upstairs is his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, photo: Legion-Media

The eldest son of Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary Donaldson will reign after his father under the name Christian XI.

His Royal Highness became the first representative of the Danish royal family who attended kindergarten and studied at a public (non-private) school. From the Danish Parliament, the prince received a real little pony named Flickflak and made him his favorite pet. Christian is so good in appearance that he easily wins the hearts of hundreds of girls and is considered one of the most enviable suitors in Scandinavia. The prince not only studies well, but he also works on his physical form: he plays sports, plays tennis, participates in mass races.

Princess Leonor of Asturias, 15 years old

First Heiress to the Spanish Throne

Photo: Legion-Media© Credit: Woman’s Day photo: Legion-MediaWith father, mother and younger sister Sofia, photo: Legion-Media© © Provided by: Woman’s Day With father, mother and younger sister Sophia, photo: Legion-Media

The full name of the first heiress of the Spanish crown is Leonor de Todos Los Santos de Bourbon and Ortiz. Her father, King Felipe VI, ascended the throne in 2014 when Juan Carlos relinquish his reign in favor of his son.

The girl, along with her parents, has already been actively involved in representative work, making official visits around the country and participating in various events. She is used to being photographed no less than her mother Leticia, who is considered one of the most beautiful queens of our time. She studies at the famous school of Santa Maria de Los Rosales near Madrid, where her father once studied. She speaks English with ease and also learns Chinese, French, and even Arabic. She practically does not watch TV and loves to travel, is engaged in cello music and dancing. The whole environment notes that the girl grows very disciplined, thoughtful, and calm, however, as befits a true princess.

Estelle, Duchess of Östergetland, 9 years old

Ranked second in the succession to the Swedish throne

Estelle, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day Estelle, Photo: Legion-MediaWith mom, father and younger brother, photo: Legion-Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day With Mom, Father, and Younger Brother, Photo: Legion-Media

Princess Estelle Sylvia Eva Mary of Sweden is the first child of Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Duke Daniel Westling of Westergetland.

Three years ago, the girl began attending campus Manila school and a theater club located in the central district of Stockholm. Parents believe that the future queen needs artistic abilities to be a charming public person. Lessons at the drama school are conducted by famous Swedish actors and TV presenters. It is said that Estelle has perfected her diction and has already coped with the fear of public speaking.

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