Children born under these zodiac signs are the most difficult to raise.

Not all children are equally obedient and compliant. With some moms and dads, it’s not easy. Astrologers have found out under which signs of the zodiac the most disobedient children are most often born.


Aries children are extremely ambitious and quite stubborn. They trust only themselves and their decisions, ignoring the advice of people around them, even parents. And little Aries is not afraid of quarrels and even fights. But patience, alas, they are deprived. And this is the perfect recipe for a little bully and bully. It will definitely not be boring with him, do not expect peace either.


Taurus kids are very stubborn. They enjoy living in their personal comfort zone and they will do anything to maintain that environment. If parents try to do something that Taurus thinks will destroy their comfort (for example, take them to kindergarten), they will face tremendous resistance. Among other things, children born under this sign can find it difficult to focus on what they are told – and this also makes it difficult to communicate with them.

What a child should be able to do to kindergarten


Virgos always strive to be perfect. Children belonging to this sign are no exception. The inner need to be perfect and flawless makes them extremely critical of others and themselves. Until they achieve their goals, they will be stubborn about any reason, and it will be very difficult to cope with them.


As for Scorpio children, they do not tolerate someone standing in their way from infancy. They are self-confident, sometimes even aggressive, and prone to manipulation. Even their own parents will listen only if they see that it is beneficial to them. And if not, don’t expect little Aries to compromise or give in.

mood swings in a child


Aquarius children are very sociable. But if you expect them to obey your rules and restrictions, you’re wrong. If they feel something that interferes with their independence, they just… will stop paying attention to you. And such ignorance will be worse than any tantrums.

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