Children who grew up without siblings earn less

But immigrants from large families, according to a recent study, on the contrary, have the largest earnings. So if you are looking for a rich husband, ask how many brothers and sisters he has.

When you constantly quarrel with a brother or sister and desperately fight for the attention of your parents, you unwittingly envy the only child in the family. No rivalry – all the love, all the toys, all the care only to him alone. But there is a flip side to the coin.

A recent study found that children who grew up without siblings earn much less. Experts portal SuperJob decided to find out how the family affects the future. To do this, we compared the education and incomes of 9,000 workers from different types of families.

“Higher earnings for Russians who were brought up in a full family with two or more children,” the researchers voice the results of the survey. – 46% among those who grew up in a full family with a brother or sister, now earn from 80 thousand rubles. The same is received by 28% of immigrants from large families, where there were both mom and dad. “

Curiously, most of the women surveyed, who receive high salaries, were brought up in a family with two children. And men with decent salaries grew up in large families.

The situation is the opposite among those who grew up with one parent or guardian. Here are the most respondents with earnings up to 30 thousand rubles. Apparently, when there is only one breadwinner in the family, it is more difficult to get higher education for a child, and with it a high-paying job.

What’s surprising about this study is the salaries of only children incomplete families. It turned out that workers who grew up without siblings, albeit with a full set of parents, also mostly receive a small salary. So, according to the results of the survey, the only son in the family often receives up to 30 thousand rubles. And there is an explanation for this.

The only child in the family often grows up to be an egoist who cares primarily about his own needs. Conversely, children who grew up with brothers or sisters, from childhood learn to look for compromises, learn communication, the ability to convince – in general, those qualities that are very useful for a successful career.

And here’s how the composition of the family affects the level of education. University diplomas are most often those who grew up in a full family – with a brother or sister or was an only child. Among those who grew up in full large families or single-parent families, there are much more people with secondary vocational education or simply with a school certificate in their hands.

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