Children with these names would be more likely to be geniuses

Are you waiting for a happy event, and are still looking for the name of your future child? To help you, find out the names for girls and the names for boys that would be associated with a high IQ, according to a recent survey…

As a birth approaches, parents must eventually agree on the choice of their baby’s first name… If some opt for trendy first names, Latin first names, or for timeless names for their offspring, others could select one from the list of first names that would give them the best chance of being a genius later.

No, it’s not a joke, a list of “the smartest names in the world” does exist!

And it was the EduBirdie platform, which offers services in the field of writing, that had fun making the list of names most likely to be given to “geniuses”.

Some first names could be associated with a high IQ

By examining the first names of more than 900 people, who are members of Mensa, an international organization that brings together people with high intellectual potential (HPI), but also people who have received a Nobel Prize, or the first names of “notable” scientists, a list of boy names and a list of girl names, could thus be established.

“We counted each occurrence of first names in order to know the most popular names given to geniuses. The names were then grouped with alternative spellings and shortcuts,” the authors of the study said.

Ideas for girl names, so that they become “geniuses”

Among girls, the name Marie, followed by the name Elizabeth, comes in first and second place among the names most given to people considered “particularly intelligent”. Ellen and Susan would also be named frequently given to “geniuses”.

Top 10 most common names among girls with high intellectual potential:

  • 1. Mary
  • 2. Elizabeth
  • 3. Ellen, Susan
  • 4. Ada, Barbara, Irene, Jane, Nadia

Ideas for boys’ names, so that they become “geniuses”

On the boys’ side, it is the name John that comes first, and the authors of this survey give us an example John Locke, a famous doctor, and philosopher, considered “the father of liberalism”.

Robert and William are also names that are on the podium of the “smartest names in the world”.

Top 10 most common names among boys with high intellectual potential:

  • 1. John
  • 2. Robert
  • 3. William
  • 4. James
  • 5. Thomas
  • 6. George, Richard, Charles, Carl
  • 7. Paul, Michael

Can the choice of a child’s name be decisive for his future?

If this ranking can make you smile, it is obviously to be taken in the second degree. Just because your child’s not called John, Thomas, Marie, or Jane doesn’t mean he won’t succeed in his professional and personal life… Obviously!

However, the choice of your child’s first name can sometimes influence his personality, as revealed to us by François Bonifaix, a psychoanalyst specializing in first names. According to the latter, “A name is also what parents say about a child. It is the concentrate of all that it is or all that it is called to become.”

“If they choose a name that refers to ‘courage’ and ‘perseverance’ for example, they do it in accordance with what they want for their child. Their education will adapt to this description, and will therefore influence the personality of the child,” he explained.

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