Christmas DIY: our ideas for do-it-yourself wreaths to decorate your home

The Christmas festivities have begun! This long-awaited period of the year when you walk the shops, put on your best sweaters and decorate your interior with string lights has finally arrived to the delight of fans of decoration, like us! We offer you some ideas to make your own Christmas wreath and immerse your little cocoon in the magic of the holiday season.

Did you know? The Christmas wreath comes from a tradition that came straight from Germany. Originally, this decoration also called the advent wreath, made it possible to wait before the holidays by celebrating the winter solstice. The crown was laid flat on a table with 4 candles. The first candle was lit on Advent Sunday (late November or early December depending on the year) and the next three once a week until December 25.

This tradition has disappeared over time but the Christmas wreath is still one of the essential decorative elements of the end of the year holidays and is displayed on the doors and walls of houses as a sign of hospitality. Want to wear one? Follow our tips and ideas for preparations under the signs of recovery, DIY, and creativity.

How to make a natural Christmas wreath?

To make a traditional Christmas wreath, the ideal is to use natural and seasonal materials such as fir, yew, or tuya branches, holly, laurel, mistletoe, chestnut bugs, or pine cones. A short tour in the forest, in your own garden, or at your florist should help you find all the necessary elements. For the rest, creativity is your only limit.

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Our DIY to make a crown with fir branches

Now that everything is ready, start your best Christmas playlist and discover our 100% DIY recipe to do with the family for a pure moment of conviviality.

The necessary materials:

  • a dozen branches of fir, yew or tuya (it depends on the desired size for your crown)
  • 1 hanger
  • 1 roll of raffia or straw thread
  • balls and decorative subjects
  • a few bouquets of holly
  • thick wire if needed

The stages of realization:

  1. To make the base of the crown, twist your hanger to form a circle and tie the branches together with straw or raffia threads.
  2. Expand the crown by adding other branches and tying them together as you go. Do not hesitate to alternate varieties: fir, yew, tuya, guy or laurel, trust your creativity!
  3. Finalize your crown by inserting a few bouquets of holly or simply hanging a few Christmas balls and decorations (as you would with a tree).
  4. If necessary, do not hesitate to add wire to securely hold the branches together. Finish it all with a beautiful ribbon.
  5. Hang your crown using the hanger head. That’s it!
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How to make a fabric Christmas wreath?

If you do not have the opportunity to recover natural materials or if you prefer to make a reusable decoration over the years, why not use colored fabric to make a beautiful braided fabric crown? We explain everything in this special DIY sewing.

The necessary materials:

  • 3 fabrics of 10×100 cm
  • 1 foam, cotton or cotton padding (to be recovered in an old pillow)
  • thread and needle

The stages of realization:

  1. To make the tubes: take a strip of fabric and fold it upside down lengthwise then sew it to the side and at the ends. Be sure to leave an opening of about 10 cm in the middle so that you can turn the fabric over.
  2. Using a pencil, or pen, push the ends into the tube you have sewn and bring them out through the middle slot. Do the same with the other two fabrics.
  3. Use padding to fill your puddings: do not put too much so that they remain malleable enough to make the braid. Sew the slots to close them.
  4. Sew the ends of the three tubes together by superimposing them and make a braid and then intertwine the ends to close the crown.
  5. Hold everything together by sewing the whole with a discreet thread.
  6. Your crown is ready!
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How to make a candy wreath for Christmas?

In a very gourmet version, the Christmas wreath made of sweets will make people happy (but may not stay in place for very long).

The necessary equipment:

  • 1 polystyrene crown
  • candy at will
  • small spikes such as toothpicks

Nothing could be simpler, just hang the sweets using the toothpicks by pricking them all around the crown.

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