Christmas tutorial: create a flowery centerpiece

Make a flowery centerpiece in a few minutes thanks to our step by step. An activity to do with family or couple to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere right now.

For a successful Christmas decoration, you must take care of your centerpiece. you can decorate it with flowers, creations, and why not a flowery centerpiece. The advantage of this one? You will be able to keep it for several days and decorate the rest of your home with it.


– Glue gun for dry and inert elements

– Floral glue for orchids

– Fishing line

– Pair of scissors

– Couronne

– Candle

– Tree bark

– Glittery pine cones

The necessary plants:

– Vanda orchids

– Foam

– Tinted skeleton sheets

Step 1: Crown dressing.

Downright Flowers

Downright Flowers

Cover the crown with foam by tying it with a fishing line.

Step 2: Arrangement of the elements on the crown.

Downright flowers

Downright flowers

Cauterize the orchid vanda with the help of floral glue. Glue the candles, pine cones, skeleton, and bark around the crown with the glue gun.

There you go! your flower crown is ready, you can use it as a centerpiece decoration.

Thanks to Carrément Fleurs

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