Color block: how to learn to combine the colors in your clothes to look young and elegant

This is the method to shine with your outfits this spring.

No one doubts the power that clothing colors have in outfits to be more, or less, flattering depending on how they are combined. And now, that spring has arrived, the color block method returns to the trends, which provides interesting tips to make the best choices in favor of looking young and elegant.

This consists of combining two, or more, bright colors in the same look with a key that does not fail: colorful garments, but smooth, without embroidery or extravagant textures to maintain harmony in the outfit and is that it is the key to stand out in this season of the year.

color block

The color block is perfect for spring.- Pinterest Lemon Stripes.

Color block or how to learn how to correctly combine colors in clothing

Although it may seem trivial, it is not. In fact, the color block has been established within fashion and street style for quite some time, and although it seems too risky, it is a great way to reinvent outfits.

Opposites complement each other

Surely you have heard that phrase before in the love theme, but it also happens with the color block. In this case, it seeks to join two tones that you think would never go together, but that in reality, make you look good. For example, blue with yellow.

color block

The chromatic circle is very good to get right.- Pinterest Elegant Mind.

Monochromatic color block

Also, this stylistic inspiration allows you to stay with a single color but that you go through the different range of its tones within the pieces of your outfit to vary it. Thus, you will not bore the eye with the same color from head to toe and it will look very chic.

color block

Color block in a single tone.- Pinterest Jared.

The rule of three colors

But if you want to take it to another level, you can integrate three different shades into your look. How? Looking for a chromatic circle and drawing an imaginary triangle on it to know which tonalities (those that remain at the vertices), although they contrast, look good.

A great and sophisticated example of the color block in three colors.- Pinterest.

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