Cuttlefish, squid, octopus, and co.: do not confuse them anymore

Octopus, octopus, squid, squid, cuttlefish… There is something to get lost among all these names of mollusks. If like me, you never manage to distinguish them, we make the presentations in this article.

One thing is certain, we prefer to meet them on the stalls rather than on the edge of the coast during our summer holidays. But, once at our fishmonger, how to differentiate octopuses from squid and cuttlefish? A brief overview of these marine mollusks to never confuse them again.

  •  Squid, the little brother of the squid

You have to believe that in the underwater world, size matters. Less than 15 cm? It’s a squid. Otherwise, it is a squid. Either way, neither the taste, appearance, or texture changes. They are distinguished by their feather-shaped shell, fins, and 10 tentacles.

grilled squid favorite seafood - squid 個照片及圖片檔

How to choose it?

Like a cultured pearl, squid should be shiny and pearlescent. If it is all wilted and dull, we pass our way.

How to cook squid?

First good news: almost everything is to be cooked in the squid. Stuffed body, fried tentacles, ink in a risotto… there will be something for everyone.

delicious chinese cuisine, soft shelled turtle stewed with chicken pot - cuttlefish 個照片及圖片檔

The second piece of good news? No need to beat him, because his flesh is tender basic.

Cooking level, just fries or sauté it for a few minutes. Cooked too long, it would become rubbery.

For example, you can prepare delicious etoile tiles as a starter, stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, and garlic, or serve it with potatoes for a unique dish, as in Spain.

  • Octopus or octopus, it’s the same thing

If your fishmonger offers you a mollusk with 8 tentacles that far exceed the size of his body and with an egg-shaped head, no doubt possible: it is an octopus.

How is it chosen?

Rather slippery, with firm tentacles and, above all, without any acidic smell.

How is octopus cooked?

Before cooking its tentacles, the octopus must be tenderized. For this, you can beat it or freeze it for several hours. Ready to take the plunge? Dare to marinate it and serve it in verrine, salad, or daube.

新鮮甲魚和魚湯成分烹飪醬料。 - cuttlefish 個照片及圖片檔
  • Cuttlefish

Small, rather round, with small tentacles and a fleshy bone: No, we are not describing the cartoon character Ursula, but a cuttlefish. So, said like that, it’s not very glamorous, but you will see that cuttlefish is full of assets to seduce us. In addition to being rich in omega 3, it is a significant source of vitamin B12.

How is it chosen?

If it is hard and pearly, it is the ideal cuttlefish.

How is it cooked?

Either we pan it for 1 minute or we opt for the opposite strategy by cooking its thick flesh for at least 1h30. In between, no thanks. At 750g, cuttlefish tagliatelle with morels and cuttlefish ink make our eye, but you can also opt for paella or cuttlefish with Armorican.

From now on, in front of the stall of our fishmonger, we will no longer dry to identify all these mollusks.

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