David Kibby’s Type Theory: How to Find Your Style Once and for All

In order to choose the right images and always look your best, it is important to know only one thing – your type of appearance.

The ability to form an individual style that would be a real reflection of your personality is a real art. But in order to achieve the goal, it is not necessary to act by trial and error and spend a lot of money on a personal consultation of a stylist or shopping with him. About how to determine your own type of appearance and look as impressive as possible in any life situation, says Ekaterina Velichkina, a psychologist, an expert in the field of beauty, self-knowledge, and self-realization.

Yin Woman and Yang Woman

Following fashion trends has been and remains an important part of our lives. But often we spend exorbitant sums on shopping, visits to the beauty salon, consultations with stylists and designers, and as a result, we still feel out of place. And those around you continue to “meet by clothes” and do not make allowances for your failures and countless attempts to find “the same” ideal image for yourself.

In the 1980s, the rising star of the fashion and style world David Kibby, author of the bestseller Metamorphoses, presented to the public a completely new idea of typing appearance. Its basis was the definition of the style of clothing, hairstyle, and color scheme, depending on the woman’s belonging to a particular type. Kibby offered two, the Yin woman and the Yang woman.

Kibby classification: types and subtypes

After analyzing the external data of many representatives of the fair sex, the stylist established an interesting pattern – many of them are similar: smooth facial features, plump lips, large eyes, rounded shoulders, soft body lines – these are Yin women. Cheekbones, chiseled body contours, easily traceable geometric shapes – Yang women.

Kibby derived 5 basic types that complement the 13 subtypes (combinations where one psycho type complements another without replacing it) and invented the key to the ideal style for them.

5 basic types:

  • dramatic — pure Yang;
  • romantic — pure Yin;
  • classic – a complete harmonious mixture of Yin and Yang;
  • natural is a mutually beneficial union with distinguishable Yin and Yang characteristics;
  • gamine is the collision of Yin and Yang while preserving contrasts.

Why is this approach valuable?

David Kibby introduced the concept of typing by appearance into fashion. With it, it is enough for a woman to pass a special test and study her own portrait in order to easily adjust her style – to make it more harmonious and original. Knowledge of an individual basic wardrobe gives a lot of advantages for revealing your unique style and gives a complete understanding of how to emphasize the merits of appearance and make the shortcomings less noticeable.

Principles of determining your type

In order to deal with the features of your appearance, it is important to understand which features are the brightest in it. As a rule, these include height, face, and figure.

Romantic is a girl of average height, 170 cm and below.

She has a rounded, expressive, slightly plump face with noticeable cheeks. The facial bones are neat and small, with the nose, cheekbones, and chin wide and plump. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, or semi-covered.

The figure is a classic “hourglass”. The chest and hips are rounded, the waist is thin, the arms and legs are soft and plump with small broad palms and feet. The shoulder line is soft, sloping.

For such girls, experts recommend romantic and in the classical sense feminine outfits with an emphasis on the waist and without geometry, as well as a soft pastel range. From sharpness and active colors should be abandoned in makeup.

Star representatives: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Simmons, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Helena Bonham Carter, Madonna.

Elizabeth Taylor
 Elizabeth Taylor
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

The Natural type includes women with a height of 160 cm and above.

They have a broad face with angular cheekbones and a chin. The cheeks are mostly sunken, the eyes are almond-shaped or round in shape, small or medium-sized. The lips are thin and straight.

The figure is a “square”, with broad shoulders, there is no roundness. The chest, waist, and hips are roughly in line.

The name of this type speaks for itself – you can safely bet on casual-style, relaxed combinations, denim and knitwear, a calm “earthly” palette, moderately free silhouettes. The same applies to makeup and styling: dim shades and slight carelessness will be as appropriate as possible.

Star representatives: Jennifer Aniston, Gabrielle Anwar, Jennifer Morrison, Kate Middleton, Eli McGraw, Ellie Sheedy.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison

The dramatic type is a girl with a height of medium to high, from 165 cm.

The facial features are straight, with an expressive nose, narrow straight lips, and the absence of pronounced cheeks. The eyes are almond-shaped or slit-like.

Girls of this type are stately, slender, often with a veiny figure. Arms and legs are usually long, narrow in bone; the shoulders are most often square.

“Dramas” can not be afraid of excessive rigor, geometry, and contrasts (both in clothes and in the beauty component) – they will not get lost even in the most shocking images. At the same time, it is better to forget about romantic “flying” dresses and oversized oversize sweaters, and baggy jeans.

Star representatives: Katharine Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Eva Green.

Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett
Eva Green
Eva Green

The owners of the classic type are heights in the range of 160-170 cm.

Classical facial features are characterized by proportionality and point – it is extremely difficult to single out the “outstanding” part in them. The same can be said about the figure: flexible, slightly veiny, with a commensurate ratio of arm and leg lengths, which do not exceed the average values. A sure advantage of the classic type is that when gaining weight, it is evenly distributed throughout the body.

Classics rule the ball also in the fashion and beauty recommendations of this type. However, in this case, it is not at all synonymous with boredom and despondency – the ideal solution will be noble restrained shades (from pearl and beige to “royal blue”) and classic silhouettes combined with elegant and discreet accessories.

Celebrity representatives: Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Bosworth, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively.

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth

The type of gamine is girls with a height below 165 cm.

They are distinguished by large eyes, lips of medium thickness, often sunken cheeks.

Girls of this type have sharp, geometric body contours. They are thin, flexible, their shoulders are narrow, their arms and legs tend to belong.

“Gamin” is an amazing type that will look equally impressive in a mini-dress (thanks to a miniature figure, this length does not look defiant on it), and in an androgynous image, for example, an oversized T-shirt and skinny jeans. But overloaded with details of things, excessive strictness or, conversely, excessive carelessness and bagginess should be avoided. Another feature of “gamines” is that they are ideal for short haircuts “for a boy” (as can be clearly seen by getting acquainted with the famous representatives of the type).

Star representatives: Audrey Tautou, Twiggy.

Audrey Tautou
Audrey Tautou


Having studied your own type, you can easily form a wardrobe and choose accessories that emphasize your advantages. As Kibby said, “Each of you is unique.” And if you still have not decided on your own appearance, take a typing test or read his book “Metamorphoses”. It will change your life!

About the expert:

Ambassador of the brand of women’s clothing Helmidge. Expert in the field of self-knowledge and self-realization, coach, psychologist.

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