Deco trend: our advice for a family home in the countryside

Exposed stones, notes of candied fruit, velvet sweetness and antique objects: this house displays a beautiful cocoon spirit.

Located less than an hour from Madrid, this venerable house, built in the early twentieth century, burned almost entirely in the 80s. Left in ruins, it has finally regained all its finery thanks to the talent of a Spanish interior designer, who has skillfully mixed the original materials saved from the flames with modern or antique elements. One might think today that this family home has always existed as it is. Its peaceful, enveloping atmosphere, the presence of natural materials, and refined details make it a sweet refuge when autumn comes.

Modernize the old

A good renovation option, halfway between modernity and respect for the existing, is to “de-dramatize” the austere stone walls by painting the door frames in immaculate white. A real spotlight at a lower cost.

A family air

We play with the codes of a classic decoration by multiplying painted portraits found in flea markets or outdated framed family photos. Displayed on a section of wall, they give the impression that we have lived in the place for several generations.

The deco idea. Chip in the garden the antique metal furniture weathered by time. Square or round tables, armchairs a little peeling, even stung by rust, we leave them in their juice, for a style with authentic charm.

Recomposed past

In the kitchen, with very vintage flooring, the hood capping the central island has been dressed with a collection of copper pots and earthen pots. A simple way to give a technical element a look. Another good idea: hide the refrigerator behind wooden doors.

Cozy wedding

We dare to accumulate on the bed, in order to install a cocooning atmosphere. Plain and patterned pillowcases, a duvet, a boutis, a plaid …, we are spoiled for choice and we are sure to stay warm in the evening. We also rely on combinations of materials, cotton percale, linen, and knitted wool, both soft and breathable.

A small refuge

Natural wood, Scottish tiles, animal prints: the children’s room is inspired by a mountain aesthetic to create a warm space. But it is the bright red plaid in the large knitted mesh that gives it all its pep.

Fire of all wood!

All the woodwork of the house were stripped, then the solid and hollow painted in a hazelnut cream or olive green color. A processing unit that gives a guiding thread to the decoration from room to room.

The deco idea. Make a retro chest of drawers a vanity unit in the bathroom. Herewith a marble top, it perfectly fulfills its function!

The highlight of the show

Above the dining room table, various colored glass ladies-Jeanne’s have been hung and illuminate the room with their changing reflections. An original wink that does not lack character.

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