Detox: how to purify your body after the holidays? The ideal program

At Christmas and New Year, it is not uncommon to overdo it. As a result, we often have a little slack after the holidays. Emmanuelle Lerbret, naturopath, delivers some detox tips so that hearty meals do not stay on our stomach.

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the end of the year holidays has a very special flavor this year. While it is necessary to respect the restrictions in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, it is possible to indulge yourself with festive meals, even in small groups. But what can be done to eliminate toxins after excess food and alcohol?

Take care of your liver

Of all the organs of the digestive system, the one that is not at the party after the festivities is the liver. He must take care of repeated excesses of fat, sugar, and often alcohol. To spare it after the fact it is beneficial to plan a day of diet that can be organized in different ways.

Either we are completely young and we are satisfied with good hydration. This is then judicious with infusions of plants such as rosemary that will stimulate the work of the liver. You can drink 3 to 4 cups during the day.

Either we make a mono-diet, that is to say, that we are content to consume only one food during the day and in the middle of winter the ideal is the broth of green vegetables (leeks, lettuce, broccoli …), without adding fat. Consuming a single food will relieve the digestive system and give it the energy to get rid of its toxins.

Another option is applesauce or apple cooked without any addition except possibly cinnamon.

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Paracetamol, a false friend

Beware of paracetamol which is tempting in case of a”hangover”. It is an enemy of the liver because it “plunders” glutathione, a molecule essential for detoxification work. The combination of alcohol and paracetamol is therefore deleterious to the proper functioning of the liver.

Headaches in case of excess alcohol are related to the overload of toxins in your liver. To avoid the use of paracetamol it is necessary to help the liver by hydrating. You can apply a drop of peppermint essential oil to your temples as a massage. Be careful to respect the usual precautions: not in pregnant or lactating women, nor in children under 12 years of age, nor in asthmatic or poly allergic subjects. Do not put it too close to the eyes and be sure to wash your hands well with soap after use.

For easier use, there are also ready-to-use “headache” roll-ons in pharmacies or organic shops.

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Detox: some preventive tips

In the absence of moderation, it is wise after festive meals to take 1 to 2 drops of lemon essence in a tablespoon of olive oil which are liver and biliary tonics.

The best thing is to indulge yourself with light and healthy holiday foods like seafood or shellfish with citrus sauces, vegetable purees, and frozen logs in the form of sorbet for dessert.

For alcohol, always alternate at least one glass of water between each glass of alcohol, especially if the evening is to belong.

Thanks to Emmanuelle Lerbret, naturopath of the Medicine network, the network of certified and validated therapists.

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