Discover the right reflexes to adopt to keep a room tidy

“I’ll pick up that t-shirt tomorrow” or “I’ll sort it out this weekend.” Everything related to tidying up your room is synonymous with excuses and procrastination. But if we force ourselves to adopt certain reflexes on a daily basis, our poorly stored room will be a distant memory.Discover the right reflexes to adopt to keep a room tidy

Making your bed

This is the first thing to do in the morning. It may seem futile but it sets the tone. In addition, ventilating your bed helps avoid microbes and other parasites.

Pick up clothes

Dirty laundry in the bin, clothes to put back on a chair or a rack. Get into the habit that will quickly become a natural and spontaneous ritual. Store your dressing room cleanly with beautiful, well-folded batteries.

Put objects back in their place

As soon as you finish using the object, store it where you took it. All these small daily gestures will allow you not to let the mess settle in your room.

Optimize storage spaces

Coat rack, drawers under the bed, storage lockers, everything is good to organize your room.

Decorate your room

By sublimating it to your tastes, you will want to see it clean and tidy. Add color, hang posters, place trendy furniture without forgetting the practicality.

Clean 10 minutes every day

A few minutes here and there saves you from spending hours on Sundays spending the ASPI or cleaning your mirrors. A little rag on the windows in the song is always more fun.


What overflows from the closet is complicated to store. By sorting your clothes, you avoid piles of laundry filled with dust. Clean up frequently to get rid of what is no longer to your liking or immutable.

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Dedicate a place for everything

In addition to saving time, you save space. A clothing area, an office space, and a beauty area, even if your room is small. This allows you to have easy access to the objects you need and therefore less scattering. In addition, you will lose less of your business.

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