DIY Hostess Gifts That Will Get You Invited Back

Don’t forget to bring something to your next holiday gathering! With a lovely yet inexpensive DIY present, show your hostess how much you appreciate her all year.

For more information on how to put together these DIY hostess presents that will get you invited again, click the image sources.

  1. Wine Basket: If you walk up with this lovely gift basket filled with wine and etched glasses, you’ll win the award for best hostess gift. She might even offer you a drink!

2. Succulents : I’m a sucker for succulents, and this display couldn’t be more appealing.

3. Cookie Decorating Kit: This concept for a gorgeous cookie decorating kit appeals to me.

4. Flowers: You can make cheap grocery flowers look like they came straight from a fine florist in a pinch.

5. Homemade Vanilla Extract: This is a thoughtful DIY present that almost anyone might use! It would make a lovely theme present for the baker in your life if you paired it with a cookie cutter or a nice mixing spoon.

6. A Thoughtful Card: A thoughtful, handwritten card always goes a long way when all else fails!

7. Coffee Kit: Caffeine and sugar say “I get you” like nothing else.

8. Mulling Spices: This stovetop simmer mulling spices recipe is sure to put your holiday hostess in the Christmas spirit.

9. Cookie Jar: I think mixing up a batch of your famous cookie recipe for a treat she can share with visitors or save for herself is a great idea.

10. Etched Spoons: This is a thoughtful and personalized present. There is no need to package the present.

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