Do you want a flat stomach? Avoid these mistakes during your breakfast

Do you want a flat stomach? Avoid these mistakes during your breakfast

You will not get a flat stomach by simply making abdominals. Many other factors come into play, including breakfast.

If many experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is because you have just spent about 8 hours without anything in the stomach and you need to wake up your metabolism with something that also helps you to have enough energy and feel satisfied to prevent hunger from going crazy in the middle of the day. But that’s not all, what you eat at breakfast can also help you lose belly fat. Having breakfast in the morning also helps reduce the risk of obesity (according to experts from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) and the National Health and nutrition examination survey has shown that people who have breakfast are more likely to have a BMI (body mass index) of less than 25%. In addition, a good breakfast can prevent inflammation, especially if foods rich in protein and fiber are added to it. But for all this to work, it is important to avoid breakfasts with high sugar content (whether they are cereals covered with chocolate or hotcakes washed down with honey), which will give you a burst of energy that will quickly run out and make you hungry again after a few minutes. Everything you eat has an effect, and when it comes to getting a flat stomach, there are a few breakfast habits that could cause more damage than you think. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid at breakfast if you want a flat stomach:

Do not have breakfast

Are you a fan of intermittent fasting? Better to keep it for the evening. Having breakfast helps regulate hunger, awaken metabolism and avoid consuming extra calories throughout the day. Breakfast should also give you enough energy for the day.

You eat too fast

Do you eat on the go and barely chew your food? Well you do it badly, eating too fast can cause abdominal bloating, digestion begins in the mouth and it is very important that you take the time to chew everything correctly and enough times. In addition, it prevents you from eating without thinking and helps you to be more aware of what you are feeling or your state of satiety.

You ignore protein

Studies have shown that adding protein to every meal can help you develop your muscles more easily. Also, when it comes to breakfast, skipping protein can derail your blood sugar, so add foods like Greek yogurt, avocado, fruits, and vegetables.

You let yourself be tempted by carbohydrates without fat

Carbohydrates sold as fat-free can be very caloric and very low in protein. In addition, they will not allow you to have a balanced breakfast and you will not get the nutrients you need to be healthy, and they will increase the likelihood that you will eat too many snacks before your next meal.

You only eat prepackaged products

It is convenient to take something that comes in a package and that can be eaten on the go, but many prepackaged products are rich in sodium and sugar, which is really bad for health and can lead to an increase in fat mass. They also offer very little energy, without many essential nutrients.
High sugar latte
Is your breakfast a latte with a good dose of sugar? This is what makes you hungry in a few minutes and start overeating, which leads to weight and fat gain.

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