Do you want to have your desk tidy? Use one of these five cable organizers

Although many of the devices we use today are wireless, cables still accompany us in others such as television, appliances or computers. And, the truth is that they are usually quite annoying on many occasions, while they are ugly to the eye and can spoil the decoration of the home.

Therefore, in EL PAÍS Showcase we have set ourselves the task of searching Amazon Mexico for the favorite cable organizers of the customers of this online platform so that you can have the desk, kitchen or bedroom in perfect order. We have chosen five, of various classes and prices, but all with very positive ratings and a minimum of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Covers cables for SimpleCord desktop

This kit contains everything you need to organize all the cables in your office, around your desk or even in the kitchen. Each cable cover set — which totals more than 3,400 customer reviews— includes five J-channels to hold and protect up to eight cables and extra-resistant self-adhesive tape. In addition, it is available in several colors to match the decoration of your home..© THE COUNTRY .

Velcro self-fastening straps

ONE-WRAP straps are ideal for organizing the clutter caused by cables and extensions and thus keeping the home clear and safe. They are an excellent alternative to the use of plastic belts, since they can be reused and repositioned; They are also very resistant and self-fastening. These cable organizers already exceed 2,600 ratings on Amazon,have 4.8 out of 5 stars, and help care for and extend the life of your headphones and cables..© THE COUNTRY .

Adjustable cable organizer

With a diameter of between 12 and 20 millimeters and a length of three meters, this cable protector is Amazon’s best seller and an ideal choice for covering most cables. Made of fireproof and heat-resistant PET yarn, it can be cut to any length to meet the needs of your organization, it is resistant to wear and pet bites; it also protects and prolongs the life of the cables..© THE COUNTRY .

Travel bag for electronics

Although this bag is not only to organize the cables – in it you can store all kinds of small electronic devices – it is perfect to have all the cables in order when you go on a trip. It is made with cation and incorporates a four-stage anti-splash treatment on the surface; In addition, it is wear-resistant, easy to clean and you can choose from several colors. It is equipped with multiple internal elastic straps, various compartments, a central zippered pocket and a top handle..© THE COUNTRY .

Cable clamps

These cable clips can hold pieces up to six millimeters in diameter both on the desk and on the wall, so you will always have easy access to them and everything will be more orderly. Thanks to its adhesive acrylic pad, it is possible to take it off your table without damaging it and without leaving marks or residues. It’s Amazon’s best-selling,and comes in a pack of nine units..© THE COUNTRY .

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