Does a glass of wine in the evening prevent you from sleeping?

After a rather trying day, punctuated by endless meetings, an avalanche of messages on your Whatsapp group “Family” and headaches to succeed in accepting the 6 invitations to a raclette in the same week or to push the children to go to the shower, you have only one desire: to relax.

While some clear their heads while slouching on the couch in front of a reality SHOW, others prefer to serve themselves a glass of wine. Except that it is already past 10 pm and you will sleep in less than an hour, and it should not be that this glass of wine prevents you from sleeping. Already that your days are busy, if you add to that bad nights and asleep that is not recuperative, it will not do it. Does drinking wine before going to bed disturbs our sleep? Can 1 single drink have an influence on the quality of our sleep?

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We fall asleep faster…

In some, alcohol has a soothing and anti-stress effect. Many people drink a glass of alcohol before going to bed just to relax. Maybe you’ve already experienced that last glass of wine that knocks you out of fatigue, makes you drowsy, or helps you fall asleep faster. Moreover, if you have problems falling asleep, here are the foods that we advise you. We put it there, like that. Now, back to our sheep.

It’s proven: alcohol reduces the latency of falling asleep. “What’s that, again?” This somewhat stilted formulation refers to the time it takes to fall asleep. Basically, with a glass of alcohol in your nose, you reach Morpheus’ arms faster and fall asleep soundly like a dead stone for a few hours.

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… But we sleep less well

We reach the arms of Morpheus faster, yes, but we are also more poorly installed. This Morpheus has sharp bones and we will sleep badly in his arms. And for good reason: if the 2 glasses of wine allowed us to fall asleep quickly, they are also responsible for what is called “rebound insomnia”.

Under the influence of alcohol, the brain releases adrenaline, a hormone that stimulates the brain rather than putting it to sleep. Even worse, alcohol prevents the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Result: At 3 am, we wake up and it’s very complicated to go back to sleep.

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During the first cycles of sleep, we sleep like a stone. But then, our REM sleep is all restless and jerked with untimely awakenings. And that’s very annoying because this phase is particularly important to have a recuperative night and feel fit the next day.

During the REM sleep cycle, our memory records the information retained the day before, our body rests deeply. If this REM sleep is turned upside down and we wake up every hour, we will be even less rested than the day before. Finally, our small “relaxing” drink will have the opposite effect.

Hello snoring, sleep apnea and sleepwalking

A glass of wine can especially disturb sleep in people with sleep apnea, sleepwalking, restless legs syndrome, and other sleep disorders. The reason is simple: the muscles of the respiratory tract relax under the effect of alcohol, the air circulates less well, it is more difficult to inhale and pattern, we snore. Now you know why your roommate or girlfriend snores after the 3rd pint of beer.

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But a glass of wine is not just alcohol. It is also sugar, especially with mellow white wines. If you’re sensitive to sugar and a can of soda at 2 p.m. makes you as energetic as a pile, drinking a glass of fluffy wine 1 hour before sleep might just keep you up at night. The best is to finish it 3 hours before going to bed because it is the average time it takes to metabolize 1 glass of 25cL of wine, according to D. Dasgupta interviewed by the Huffington Post.

The last unbearable thing is the urge to pee. It may seem trivial, but the urge to go to the toilet can wake us up and make us sleep badly. Alcohol inhibits vasopressin, the antidiuretic hormone that slows our kidneys from filtering out everything that passes and makes us want to urinate every 10 minutes.

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