Emotional Detox: 5 Doctor’s Tips to Make You Feel Better This Fall

The emotional detox brings together many celebrities among its followers. Dr. Habib Sadeghi, osteopathic doctor – or emotional doctor – master in the art of cleansing bodies and minds, is based on several principles. The goal: to empty negative emotions and bad energies to feel better and why not relieve certain ailments. We decipher this detox with Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist.

Habib Sadeghi is the emotional doctor of several stars in Hollywood. His niche? Take care of yourself through emotional detox. Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt or Stella McCartney would be great followers.

“Habib Sadeghi is the doctor who changed my life. This book will change yours,” shared actress Gwyneth Paltrow who refers to the book Emotional Detox by Dr. Habib Sadeghi (translated by Cherche Midi).

“Habib Sadeghi allows you to reinvent yourself. I will be eternally grateful to him,” said Penélope Cruz.

How did this osteopathic doctor go about relieving so many big names? Its principle seems simple: heal the body and soul by cleaning our emotional and psychic waste. Concretely, you probably already know the detox cures intended to release toxins, especially by taking care of your liver. With emotional detox, it would be a question of cleansing the body and mind by emptying the negative emotions and bad energies that we accumulate.

We go through the good advice with Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist in Paris.

Free yourself from your emotions

It is no coincidence that the preface to Dr. Sadeghi’s book is signed by Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress seems to have succeeded, thanks to this specialist, in explaining her thyroid and ovarian problems. These disorders “followed the path of the throat chakra. (…) A common condition in women who do not feel able to speak, who stifle and repress painful emotions instead of letting their truth be expressed, “report the star.

The doctor’s job is based on the ability to make the link between body ailments and emotional knots. Its cure in twelve steps invites to restore and maintain our fulfillment via a detoxification of body and mind. Where to start? We give you some principles.

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Put your emotions down on paper

The emotional detox by writing is one of the solutions proposed by the Sadeghi to empty your emotions, whether positive or negative. The exercise invites us to put all our thoughts on paper in one go, without thinking, correcting or rereading ourselves, for exactly twelve minutes. After this time, it is enough to burn the leaves to neutralize the negative energy thus purified by the flames.

The exercise is performed several times a day for five days. This can help you look your emotions in the face and be clear with yourself. Sometimes you will even manage to take a step back from certain negative thoughts and put things into perspective.

“No one can heal as long as they ignore their emotions or see them as enemies to fight,” Sadeghi said.

Emotions can do more harm to the body than we imagine. Anger, shame, or other repressed feelings can be conducive to insomnia, ruminations, anxiety … – and give the impression that the problem is the symptom.

“Sleep disorder, except pathology or physiological disorder, can obviously be a symptom of emotional suffering. Rumination, anger, sadness, there is a whole range of affects that can impact our ability to let go to sleep, “confirms Johanna Rozenblum, psychologist.

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Detoxify your body

Cleansing the organs most affected by our feelings and emotions is also part of the principles of emotional detox. It will be about taking care of the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys and pancreas. These organs are the first to suffer in case of stress, emotional shock or negative feeling.

Dr. Sadeghi’s DI cure

Intermittent fasting, or fasting over a day, is often recommended to detoxify the body.

For his part, Dr. Sadeghi recommends the DI cure. It is a monodiet. “The principle: consume only one or a few foods, but in large quantities, so that the body receives a significant dose of beneficial nutrients. The preferred foods here are sardines, brown rice and apples,” shares the specialist.

“This cure will prevent you from eating foods that are difficult to digest, which generate an overload of work for the digestive organs. I am thinking in particular of dairy products and sweet products, present in high doses in our diet,” he continues.

For the duration of the cure, the doctor offers a large glass of lemon water every morning when you wake up.

Be careful, however, a monodiet should not go on forever. Prolonged monodiet can cause metabolic disorders. During a prolonged monodiet, one can lose weight very quickly. But it gives a bad signal to the body. As soon as you start inge normally, you will regain that weight.

Eat light – or very little – in the evening

“The current lifestyle tends to disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and processes. When we eat the biggest meal at dinner and continue to snack during the evening, sometimes until late at night, we upset the balance of the body,” warns Dr. Sadeghi.

Indeed, at night, the body breaks down food and purifies itself by eliminating toxins. “By having a hearty meal at the end of the day and continuing to eat during the evening, he is forced to make extra efforts to eliminate. If one wakes up in a bad mood, with a muddy and foggy mind, it is often because the body is still trying to transform the calories of the previous night. On the contrary, we want the body to have time to complete its elimination and repair cycle before starting a new day, “continues the specialist.

Take time for yourself

Yes, it’s important to dedicate yourself to others and your work, but it’s also essential not to forget yourself. Taking time for yourself is beneficial, both for mental and physical health. Give yourself one afternoon a week for yourself. Don’t let anyone bother you and enjoy an activity that makes you happy. This can be reading, cooking, a walk, a bath or a nap, huddled in a plaid. Preferably, take the opportunity to let go with the screens.

… Away from screens

Digital detox is in tune with the times. The principle is simple: it is a question of moving away from the screens for a given time. We unplug tablets, smartphones and turn off the TV. Sight, brain, skin… Screens have a strong impact on health and this is no longer to be proven.

To do yourself good and to refocus on the essentials, try the experience of a few days without a screen. You should feel better and your sleep will only be better. It is recalled that the blue light emitted by the screens is a brake on falling asleep.

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Distance yourself from toxic people

“Being in contact with people who are toxic to us or in situations that create discomfort is unfortunately not uncommon. Our environment has a very strong impact on our emotional balance, says Johanna Rozenblum, psychologist. Being in denial of what is causing our suffering will only strengthen it. To free oneself is to know how to make sometimes difficult decisions, sometimes outside social conventions or what loved ones expect of us. To free oneself from toxic people is to hear our suffering and decide to treat it.”

If toxic people are often not aware of the discomfort they generate, they can hide everywhere. A manipulative and demeaning spouse, guilt-ridden parents, an envious friend, a hypocritical colleague or a neighbor judging… We have all dealt with these kinds of people before. They have one thing in common: they release or generate negative emotions and have a harmful power on the psychological well-being of the people around them.

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