Everything you need to know about white chocolate

White chocolate is a delicious and irresistible dish that many confectionery lovers consume with delicacy on all occasions! Discover everything there is to know about this very special chocolate.

In France and in many parts of the world, chocolate is a thriving industry. Each French person consumes on average more than 7 kg per year! Among the many products marketed, white chocolate, appreciated for its creamy texture and sweet taste is still as successful but still raises some questions and some categorically refuse to put it in the category of “chocolates”. We explain everything to see more clearly.

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How is white chocolate made?

To understand how white chocolate is made, we must first look at the making of chocolate. The chocolate comes from the cocoa tree, a tropical tree that produces large, rugby ball-shaped fruits called “pods.” The cocoa tree is a delicate and fragile tree that produces only about twenty pods per year inside which are about forty cocoa beans

The beans harvested are very bitter and require a very special treatment: they are fermented then dried in the sun and finally roasted (to stimulate the aroma of chocolate). The seeds are then shelled and crushed before being crushed to obtain cocoa liquor also called “cocoa mass”. Once extracted and pressed, the cocoa mass is subdivided into two elements: oil (which coagulates into cocoa butter)and pure cocoa. The dosage of these two elements makes it possible to manufacture several types of chocolates:

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What is the difference between white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate?

  • To obtain dark chocolate,simply add sugar to the cocoa liquor and possibly a little cocoa butter to bring creaminess: the higher the percentage of cocoa, the less sugar there is and the more bitter the chocolate.
  • To obtain milk chocolate,a smaller amount of cocoa liquor is mixed with cocoa butter in larger quantities, milk and sugar.
  • White chocolate contains only cocoa butter, sugar (in large quantities) and milk. There is therefore no trace of cocoa in this preparation and it is in this that it stands out.

Who invented white chocolate and what is its history?

White chocolate was invented in 1930 by the Nestlé Group in Switzerland to exploit the surplus cocoa butter used to make chocolate. This avoided many losses and attracted as many consumers as possible with a new range of chocolates.

Did you know? Until the twentieth century, cocoa butter was used for pharmaceutical purposes to design… suppositories! Fortunately, it has regained its rightful place in pastry and is still reinventing itself: in 2006, the Valrhona brand developed a new range of blond chocolates (from the caramelization of white chocolate) called dulce chocolates.

Today, white chocolate is subject to strict regulations in the European Union and Switzerland where it must contain at least 20% butter and 14% dairy products to be marketed under this name. In the United States, where white chocolate has been a great success since its first marketing in the late 40s, the rate of sweetening products must not exceed 55%.

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