Five misconceptions about dark circles

The skin around the eyes is at least three times more fragile than that of the face, which explains why it is the first victim of skin aging. Dark circles, these purple marks under the eyes that irritate us, impose themselves on a daily basis and make us look tired. But are they due to a simple lack of rest? And how to hide them effectively?

The application of anticerne or concealer helps to camouflage persistent marks.

It’s because I lack sleep

TRUE and FALSE. Indeed, a short night can cause the appearance of dark circles because fatigue plays on the blood circulation and slows it down. As a result, the blood stagnates under the skin and colors it. But lack of sleep is not the only cause of their appearance. Lifestyle also plays a role: alcohol consumption and tobacco can cause them, as can stress.

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Genetics has a share of responsibility

TRUE. If our parents are prone to dark circles, we are likely to develop them too. When these marks are due to the genetic heritage, they become even more difficult to eradicate. One of the solutions is to turn to hyaluronic acid injections or cosmetic surgery to fill in the gaps.

Grandma’s recipes help

TRUE but… Green tea bags, cucumber slices applied to the eye area… all these grandmother’s recipes that are passed on from generation to generation to make dark circles disappear would only be effective after a visit to the refrigerator. Decongestant, the cold deflates the skin and facilitates blood circulation. You can also place two teaspoons in the fridge in the evening and then when you wake up, apply them around the eyes. But beware of tea bags that can rub off and enhance the dark effect.

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What we eat has no influence

FALSE. A diet that is too salty at dinner can lead to eyelid edema when you wake up. And salt is not the only dietary cause of the appearance of dark circles. In addition, there is fat, acidity, and alcohol. So, to avoid looking unawakened, we lift our foot on rich foods and make sure to facilitate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by sleeping with our heads elevated.

Woman helping friend to apply undereye patches Young woman helping friend to apply undereye patches to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles dark circles stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

It is necessary to choose a lighter shade for its anticerne

FALSE. The anticerne is very convenient for camouflaging brands. Provided, however, that you choose the right shade and texture. By taking a color that is too light, we risk drawing attention to it. If it is on the contrary too dark it will reinforce the colorful appearance and tire the eye even more. It is therefore necessary to choose a shade perfectly adapted to its complexion and a fluid texture that will be applied with a brush or beauty blender to perfectly melt the material. It is also possible to adopt the method of the beauty blogger Deepica Mutyala, who applies red lipstick under the eye before her concealer in order to neutralize the blue of the dark circles. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from assuming them with superbness as Jeanne Moreau did.

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*This article, originally published on February 12, 2020, has been updated.

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