Fix-It All: How to Dress If You Don’t Have a Waist

The absence of a pronounced waist is not a sentence! Image stylist Svetlana Rogova told what fashion tricks you can go to transform the silhouette of the “square” and “rectangle” type. Just a few simple rules and your figure looks perfect!

More recently, in order to achieve harmony, all types of figures visually led to the reference silhouette of the “hourglass” shape. Today, due to the fact that the fashion industry constantly broadcasts androgynous silhouettes, and the mass market sews clothes to reduce costs, for the most part without taking into account the curves of the body, the standard “hourglass” has become more democratic.

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Therefore, before adjusting the silhouette, it is first worth determining which nuances of the figure are characteristic of you, and which are not.

If your waist, hips and chest are almost the same, most likely, your figure belongs to the type of “rectangle”, like Penelope Cruz and Lindsay Lohan.

A “square” differs from a “rectangle” in that the figure is wider, stockier, and the height is usually small. The correction of the “square” figure is built according to the same rules as the “rectangle”, only we add a few techniques to the list to visually increase in height and decrease in volume, using verticals in clothing.

Тип фигуры квадрат и прямоугольник: примеры
Тип фигуры квадрат и прямоугольник: примеры
Тип фигуры квадрат и прямоугольник: примеры

Emphasize the merits: focus on the chest, neck, face, or legs – all that you consider winning. Draw attention to the part of the body you want to show. To do this, use jewelry, color highlighting, spectacular textures, unusual cut.

If you have large breasts, wear a supportive bra. The chest should be in its place, then the waist looks narrower and more elegant.

Hide imperfections: do not accentuate the place that you need to hide, do not wear prominent colors there. Do not wear belts at the waist, dresses or overly tight blouses – thereby you will emphasize the absence of a waist and the presence of a tummy. It is also not recommended to wear hoodie things, as there are high chances that in them your body can look voluminous and formless.

Тип фигуры квадрат и прямоугольник: примеры
Тип фигуры квадрат и прямоугольник: примеры
Тип фигуры квадрат и прямоугольник: примеры

Avoid waist-length styles of dresses, short waist-length tops, jackets, double-breasted jackets, elastic skirts, skirts assembled at the waist, large patterns, prints, embroideries, horizontal lines in the waist area.

Dresses with a high waist or vice versa – with a lowered waist are well suited. Only in this case, watch the proportions so that the length of the legs is not visually shortened, and the torso does not look too heavy.

Ирина Йовович
Модный пуховик
Модный пуховик

Straight-cut dresses or narrowed downwards also divert attention from the waist, while it is important that the chosen set sits freely. However, if you have a tummy, straight-cut dresses can make you bulky. In this case, bet on an oval silhouette. Dresses, skirts of A-silhouette, tulip, half-sun, as well as skirts in the style of the new look – all styles that outline the waist at the top, and at the bottom greatly expand, creating the illusion of a thin waist.

It is better to choose single-breasted jackets, cardigans are fastened with one or two buttons in the navel area. You will also like tops and blouses with a V-neck and with a smell – the diagonal formed visually reduces the waist area. To hide the stomach, trousers and skirts are better to choose with a clasp on the side or back, so as not to create additional volume in the problem area.

Юрате Гураускайте
Ясмина Муратович
Фото №2 - Исправить все: как одеваться, если у вас нет талии

The length of the skirt or dress is better to choose below the knee: the hem should end at the level of the narrowest part of the lower leg. This is necessary so that harmonious proportions are lined up and the legs look slim.

Pay attention to pantsuits. Today, costumes are worn both to the feast and to the world – and in the office, and for a walk, and for a meeting with friends. The jacket should be elongated and straight cut. Wearing a pantsuit, you will visually appear slimmer and higher due to the integrity of the color, texture, and vertical lines of the jacket.

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