Following These Steps, You Can Get Out Of The Friend Zone

It’s awful to be in the friend zone.

You’re desperate to make this lady your formal girlfriend, but she says things like “we’d be better off as friends” or “I’m not ready for a relationship yet.”

You’ll learn how to get out of the friend zone and make sure she doesn’t wind up with another guy in this post.

1. Make space for each other.
Leave her alone, whether you’ve been friendzoned for a long or she’s simply flat out rejected you.

  • For at least three weeks, stay away from her.
  • For three weeks, don’t speak to her.
  • For three weeks, don’t text her.

Wait a few weeks for her to forget about framing you as a friend, and you’ll be able to start over. You don’t want to chase her down like a desperate man since it would simply make matters worse:

  • If you try to flatter her, she’ll think you’re a creep.
  • If you attempt to kiss her, she will push you away.
  • If you try to grasp her hand, she will run away.
  • If you keep chatting to her, she’ll think you’re a stalker.

2. Stop behaving as though you’re a friend.
The second stage is to become the sort of person that females crave sexually and would never put you in the friend zone.

How do you go about doing that?

Reclaim your innate bravery and stop behaving like a good friend! Guys who act like wonderful buddies are only allowed to be friends with girls. The instant you stop acting like a friend, you’ve crossed over into the enemy zone. Learn to relax with ladies. Recognize that women are drawn to your masculinity; all you have to do now is stop hiding it.

Always keep in mind that you deserve beautiful women and that being needy is completely unneeded. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your raw might! Playfight with girls and be sure to tease them all the time!

You’ll become the man that friendzones girls, not the other way around, if you start exhibiting these character qualities.

3. Learn to accept yourself as you are.
As previously said, being clingy is an unattractive trait, and you must eliminate any clinginess from your personality.

But how are you going to accomplish it? There are a variety of approaches, but one of my favorites is to learn how to be alone without having any distractions in order to cultivate self-love (which is the opposite of neediness).

Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you spent uninterrupted time with yourself? If you’re like the majority of males, you probably have no idea!

So here’s what I recommend: every day, set aside time to be with yourself and do nothing, and anytime you feel the need to check Facebook, remind yourself how much you love yourself.

Guys who practice this for more than a month tell me they have more inner peace and are less needy around women.

4. Make contact with the ladies you desire.
Let’s go through it again:

  • You’ve already spent too much time apart.
  • You’ve ceased behaving in a friendly manner.
  • You’ve learned to accept yourself

Now you’re ready to leave the friendzone, and you have two choices:

  • Forget about your first crush and go after ladies who are much more appealing.
  • Approach your former crush, but this time surprise her with your new assertive attitude and make her fall in love with you.
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